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Swarm Radio – a cheaper, faster 'casting tech

CodeConThe technology behind the next generation of file sharing legal battles was unveiled at CodeCon today. Brandon Wiley describes Alluvium as "Peer to Peer radio" - which it is, but it also blurs the distinction between streaming and downloading once and forever.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Feb 2003

Ethical wireless hacker is innocent

A Houston ethical hacker accused of breaking into the wireless network of a Texan court has been acquitted of all charges.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2003

Big Sage dealer buys smaller Sage dealer

Apex Business Systems, the UK's biggest Sage reseller, has merged with Orlando IT, a rival, in a deal "said to be worth over £9m".
Drew Cullen, 24 Feb 2003

MobiliX retires, TuxMobil emerges

The mobile open source project formerly known as MobiliX has a new name - TuxMobil.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2003

Microsoft approval sought for Xbox Linux project

The team working on getting the Linux operating system to run on Microsoft's Xbox has made a bizarre plea to the software giant - requesting that it support their efforts by digitally signing the operating system so that it can run on unmodified Xboxes.
gamesindustry.biz, 24 Feb 2003

Egg mulls US expansion

Egg - the UK-based Internet bank owned by Prudential - is looking to crack the US market.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2003

Centerprise hires 300 South Walians

Centerprise, the Basingstoke-based PC contract manufacturer, is kitting out a new factory-cum-warehouse in South Wales, and is hiring almost 300 new staff. The expansion is part-financed by grant-aid from the Welsh Assembly Government, but Centerprise is committing at least £11.5m of its own dosh into the plant, sited in Caerphilly.
Drew Cullen, 24 Feb 2003

Google pulls sick site, following Chester protests

Google has removed a perverted Web site from its search listings following a public outcry from people in Chester.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2003

Sun and Sybase: more than marriage of convenience

Briefing NoteSun MicroSystems and Sybase have a sufficiently strong partnership that they go around doing joint briefings, yet it hardly gets much publicity, writes Phil Howard. Why is this? I had better explain what their partnership entails.
IT-Analysis, 24 Feb 2003

NTL settles Vodafone ‘overcharging’ row

NTL and Vodafone have come to an "amicable" agreement over allegations that the cableco overcharged the mobile phone giant for the rental of fixed line telephony services.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2003

Citibank gags crypto researchers

The High Court in London has imposed an injunction on Cambridge University security experts who claim to have uncovered serious failings in the system banks use to secure ATM PIN codes.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2003

Program hides secret messages in executables

CodeConNetizens with extreme privacy needs got a new tool for their cyber utility belts recently with the release of an application that lets users hide secret messages in virtually any executable computer program, without changing the program's size or affecting its operation.
Kevin Poulsen, 24 Feb 2003

Introducing the Lovgate.C Trojan

Yet another mass mailing email worm is spreading across the Net today.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2003

Microsoft devs Windows Rights Management Services

Microsoft outlined plans on Friday (Dec 22) to develop technology which controls what users can do with sensitive business documents.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2003

20 more exchanges to get ADSL

Another20 exchanges are to be converted to ADSL during May as part of BT's ongoing scheme to respond to hotspots of demand for broadband.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2003

Hopes dashed for UK IT jobs recovery

Hopes that the UK's IT jobs market might be making a recovery were dashed today following confirmation that the number of vacancies suffered their worst drop since the economic slowdown began 18 months ago.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2003

World's biggest Luddite bares teeth in IT jobs spat

Senator Richard Alston, Australian folk hero and the world's biggest Luddite, is squabbling again, this time with the Australia Computer Society (ACS). Last week the organisation said the jobless rate was 11.9 per cent.
Drew Cullen, 24 Feb 2003

Aggressive pricing set for SonyEricsson P800

Carphone Warehouse has set aggressive pricing for the much-anticipated SonyEricsson P800 smartphone. You can snap one up here, with contract, for £249. Or £329, depending on your contract.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Feb 2003

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