21st February 2003 Archive

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  • Pipex and Eclipse win top Internet ‘Oscars’

    Congrats all round

    Media 21 10:21

  • Unions fight call centre crossed legs

    Crackdown on leaks unacceptable

    Business 21 11:25

  • Crypto attack against SSL outlined

    Risk for email password exchange using OpenSSL, at least

    Security 21 12:00

  • Selling homeland security – how it works

    An archive-based approach...

    Media 21 12:33

  • How to get an ATM PIN in 15 guesses

    Bank employee fraud just got easier

    Security 21 13:43

  • Spam is ‘public enemy number one’, says AOL

    Talks tough

    Media 21 15:07

  • The London charge zone, the DP Act, and MS .NET

    It may not entirely work, and its data protection registration looks more dubious by the day

    Media 21 15:29

  • Poker.com Inc continues fight over ‘hijacked’ URL

    UDRP arbitrator dismisses case

    Media 21 16:50

  • IBM launches powerful AIX/Linux entry-level server

    Benchmarks galore for the p630

    Servers 21 16:52

  • Oops – Internet credit card Marbles' web site goes MIA

    And if that's not enough bad luck, they gave The Reg one...

    Media 21 17:16

  • Unisys boss predicts telco restructuring

    Voicemail by MMS is just the first of many changes

    Data Centre 21 17:43

  • AOL probes hacker “breach”

    Don't panic, just yet

    Security 21 18:24