20th February 2003 Archive

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  • e-Govt not solving ‘digital divide’, says NAO

    Access for all

    Media 20 10:20

  • Future fuzzier for Mac, Linux as MS buys Connectix tech

    Putting it into the OS?

    Software 20 11:38

  • Give your code a Kick Start with IT-Minds

    30 per cent off selected titles

    Site News 20 11:39

  • Lindows.com announces $799 Lindows sub notebook

    And there's that Via Tech connection again...

    Personal 20 13:21

  • Schoolgirl turns tables on email credit card fraudster

    Girl power

    Security 20 13:25

  • Siemens demos Series 60 phone, open sources Symbian

    Oops... But what about those keys?

    Mobile 20 14:13

  • Flying to the US? Give US.gov all your personal data

    Don't worry - the airlines are going to do it for you

    Media 20 16:03

  • UK crack down on prescription drug ads on the Web

    Comply or else

    Media 20 16:07

  • Symantec explains its ‘we spotted Slammer’ claim

    Over-excited marketing people, it seems

    Security 20 16:12

  • World's first 419 revenge killing?

    Czech police hold man after Nigerian Embassy shooting

    Media 20 17:21

  • Lincolnshire gets £7m EU grant for BB


    Broadband 20 17:23

  • .uk.co killed by Colombian judge

    Net Registrar to appeal

    Media 20 17:32

  • Grey IT broking worth $40bn a year

    Sing if you're glad to be grey

    Channel 20 18:11

  • Get a hot date on KaZaA!

    Swap Club

    Media 20 18:44

  • NTL demo mars UK Net Oscars

    'We will not give up our fight'

    Broadband 20 19:41

  • Open Source security manual and training for ethical hacking

    Everywhere and nowhere

    Data Centre 20 20:40

  • Nintendo seeks US trade sanctions to fight piracy

    China, Paraguay, Mexico

    Personal 20 20:58

  • CDT attacks anti child-porn law

    ISP blocking

    Media 20 21:18

  • SQL Server developers face huge royalty bills. How many, how much?

    MS loses Timeline case

    Data Centre 20 23:00