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e-Govt not solving ‘digital divide’, says NAO

The UK Government needs to do more to prevent the "digital divide" widening still further, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).
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Future fuzzier for Mac, Linux as MS buys Connectix tech

Linux fell off the roadmap yesterday when Microsoft announced it had bought Connectix's virtual machine technology, and in characteristic style pitched it as meaning that existing Windows users would now be able to upgrade faster to new versions by running old windows virtually on new Windows.
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Give your code a Kick Start with IT-Minds

This week's offer from Reg associate IT-minds.com is a cool 30 per cent off a range of Kick Start guides. The books offer practical and useful code examples and quick, concise explanations for new and emerging topics, such as ASP.NET, Struts, Tomcat and EJB. Turn to almost any page in a Kick Start book and you'll find an apposite nugget of valuable information.
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Lindows.com announces $799 Lindows sub notebook

The $799 subnotebook is the latest price breakthrough from Lindows.com CEO Michael Robertson, and as with the previous effort (the multimedia mini PC,) the spec can more than hold its own, with or without Lindows as the OS. Robertson, we feel, has a happy knack of figuring out how to source product at a keen price, spec them reasonably then package and sell at a 'breakthrough' point.
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Schoolgirl turns tables on email credit card fraudster

A Nottingham schoolgirl managed to turn the tables on a cracker who'd pinched her father's credit card details by tricking him into revealing his identity online.
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Siemens demos Series 60 phone, open sources Symbian

Siemens has unveiled its first Series 60 phone, and as you might have expected it looks rather Nokia 7650-ish. Siemens however hopefully describes it as "an instant design classic," extolling the virtues of its "unique keypad arrangement," which uses strips of keys down either side of the screen instead of a normal keypad.
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Flying to the US? Give US.gov all your personal data

The European Commission has tamely agreed to airlines handing over personal details of all passengers flying to the US, in the name of 'homeland security.' These details could include all sorts of stuff the airline happens to have on record for you, including credit card numbers, phone numbers, special dietary requirements, and any other comments it has entered on the Passenger Name Record (PNR).
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UK crack down on prescription drug ads on the Web

The Government is set to target the UK Internet industry in a bid to crack-down on sites illegally advertising and selling prescription medicines such as the male anti-impotence drug Viagra.
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Symantec explains its ‘we spotted Slammer’ claim

Symantec finally stepped in last night to clarify its handling of the discovery of the prolific SQL Slammer worm.
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World's first 419 revenge killing?

The Czech Republic may have become the scene of the first 419-fraud revenge killing.
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Lincolnshire gets £7m EU grant for BB

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) has won a £7m grant from the EU to help subsidise broadband in the county.
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.uk.co killed by Colombian judge

The second-level domain .uk.co through which domain company Net Registrar sold alternative Web addresses to UK businesses has been told by the High Court of Colombia that it has no continued rights on the domain.
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Grey IT broking worth $40bn a year

The global grey market for IT goods is worth $40bn a year, resulting in lost vendor profits of $5bn a year, a KPMG study reveals.
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Get a hot date on KaZaA!

File swappers can now become wife swappers, courtesy of KaZaA's new dating channel.
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NTL demo mars UK Net Oscars

Four people have turned up outside the UK's prestigious Internet Awards in London tonight to protest about NTL's cap on its broadband service.
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Open Source security manual and training for ethical hacking

The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) has become an international open standard, according to its creator, Pete Herzog. It is used by large organizations like the U.S. Treasury Department, Home Depot, Verisign, and IBM, although Herzog says that he has a hard time getting entities that use the manual to talk much about it.
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Nintendo seeks US trade sanctions to fight piracy

Following the seizure of over a quarter of a million pirated Game Boy Advance software units in China last month, Nintendo of America is lobbying for trade sanctions to help it bring organised large-scale piracy under control.
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CDT attacks anti child-porn law

A US civil liberties group has attacked an anti child pornography law because it potentially blocks access to legal sites.
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SQL Server developers face huge royalty bills. How many, how much?

A Washington court ruling could see SQL Server developers liable for millions of dollars in licensing fees.