17th February 2003 Archive

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  • TTPCom pitches 'sub-$200' platform for mobile gaming

    And jolly yummy it looks too...

    Mobile 17 09:04

  • Samsung takes 5% stake in Symbian

    First blood to Symbian in this year's 3GSM tussle...

    Mobile 17 11:31

  • UK.gov aims to demystify security for SMEs

    Jargon-free advice from UK online

    Security 17 11:33

  • London road charging scheme goes live

    Still fears about technology

    Media 17 11:36

  • Opera unleashes Linux preview of version 7 browser

    Register moratorium on Opera stories looms...

    Software 17 12:30

  • Vodafone licks lips over Nectar deal

    Brace yourselves

    Mobile 17 12:31

  • London charge zone is security cordon too, says mayor

    Happily foresees time when all roads are watched like this. Or preferably, better...

    Media 17 14:18

  • BTo gets tough with Sat bandwidth hogs – again

    Be 'ave

    Broadband 17 14:19

  • HP promises ProLiant performance boost

    F8 chipset and hot-plug RAID memory for new 8-way boxes

    Servers 17 14:20

  • VoIP builds momentum in developing world

    Calls no longer sound like Norman Collier, thankfully

    Data Centre 17 16:56

  • Sun's Jalapeno almost cooked

    Low-cost Dell-knocker an option

    Data Centre 17 16:59

  • .uk.co domain wiped off face of Internet

    Colombian university does the dirty on 8,000 businesses

    Media 17 17:08

  • Net awards targeted as NTL cap row enters another week

    'Right to protest'

    Media 17 17:09

  • Oracle 9i Database, Ap Server bust six ways to Sunday

    Tough break

    Security 17 19:37