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Small WinXP security glitch, not many dead

A glitch in Windows XP security allows you to bypass passwords and gain access to a machine using a Windows 2000 CD, reports the newsletter Brian's Buzz. Of course in order to use the CD you need to have physical access to the machine already, so this is a pretty pointless glitch - it is, however, a glitch.
John Lettice, 16 Feb 2003
The Register breaking news

Central London webcams go dark for anti-war demo

Conspiracy theories, anyone? Yesterday at least a million people took to London's streets to mount the UK's biggest ever anti-war protest. And yesterday, webcams along the marchers' route were down "for operational reasons."
John Lettice, 16 Feb 2003
DVD it in many colours

iSCSI rolls out for passenger service

For NAS vendors, last week's ratification of the iSCSI standard by the IETF is their chance to break into the SAN market. One of the first off the block is Network Appliance, which will add iSCSI to its filer range tomorrow.
Bryan Betts, 16 Feb 2003

The Bastard Guide to Recycling

Episode 2 Episode 2 BOFH 2003: Episode 2 "Yes?" I ask in a surly manner, in response to a summons from the Head of IT. "Couple of complaints about your not adhering to the new company recycling plan," he says disinterestedly, waving a couple of pieces of paper around in a woop-de-doo manner. "Gosh really, should I try harder in …
Simon Travaglia, 16 Feb 2003