14th February 2003 Archive

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  • Make Love To Your IT Manager on Valentine's Day

    Love is in the air, and in IT press releases

    Security 14 09:56

  • Nintendo games seized in Chinese piracy raids

    GBA haul

    Channel 14 10:19

  • Microsoft returns to form with InfoPath

    Data capture

    Data Centre 14 10:19

  • Reg is UK's No.1 IT news site – official

    Hits up, trumpets blown

    Site News 14 10:55

  • Jedis reach the stars in UK census

    May the fuss be with you

    Media 14 11:43

  • New Linux support policies are ominous

    Security nightmare, says Jon Lasser

    Servers 14 11:44

  • MS Product Support worthy successors to Donne & Milton

    English language elevated to new heights

    Bootnotes 14 11:47

  • Orange launches flat rate GPRS billing for business

    Price transparency

    Mobile 14 13:55

  • Former Orange person charged with voucher theft

    Bailed until next month

    Mobile 14 13:57

  • Legal action mulled over NTL BB cap

    Row rumbles on

    Broadband 14 15:25

  • Locust preps GPRS salvation plan

    Online text community battles on

    Mobile 14 17:01

  • WLAN security still dismal – survey

    London Calling

    Security 14 17:07

  • CA clears way for CleverPath 4.5

    Good story (shame about the delivery)

    Data Centre 14 17:33

  • Symantec PR bunnies score Slammer own goal

    Silence is Not Golden

    Security 14 23:14

  • Spam Arrest denies sending spam

    If it looks like spam, and it tastes like...

    Media 14 23:23