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French online cheese vendor hit by boycott over NATO

As American legislators propose sanctions against France and Germany over their position on NATO, French online cheese vendor Marc Refabert is already experiencing the wrath of the American public, reports Reuters. France, Germany and Belgium are blocking proposed NATO deployments in Turkey, so, "Pam and I" won't be buying any more of Marc's cheese until Chirac climbs down.
John Lettice, 13 Feb 2003

BT racks up 650k BB punters

BT notched up record sales of broadband in January helping to push the number of ADSL customers to more than 650,000.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2003

Mitnick banned from security group

By all accounts ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick created only a modest stir when he sauntered into the December meeting of the Los Angeles chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). He sat quietly, paid attention, and at the conclusion of the meeting joined with some of the other 60-odd attendees swapping business cards, chatting with fellow computer security workers and discussing his plans for his new consulting business, Defensive Thinking. "He wasn't flashy at all," recalls one chapter member, who didn't recognize Mitnick until the conclusion of the meeting. "He introduced himself as 'Kevin.'"
Kevin Poulsen, 13 Feb 2003

MS takes a stab at security bulletin for the masses

Microsoft has several problems with security, in addition to the obvious. The company has a lot of security alerts, yes, and if it's serious about security it has to keep people informed. But security bulletins in their unvarnished form are desperately techie, and will only serve to confuse/scare most users.
John Lettice, 13 Feb 2003

EC urges regulators to get tough with mobile networks

In a bid designed to ratchet up telecom regulation from Brussels, the European Commission encouraged national regulators to impose new rules on mobile operators.
ElectricNews.net, 13 Feb 2003

BTo adds 40k BB subs

BT Openworld added around 40,000 new broadband punters to its service in the three months to December, the company (kinda) confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2003

TV channel buys $150 ID for FBI ‘most wanted’ suspect

Using a fake driver's licence bought via a web site, US TV's NewsChannel 4* fooled ID checking software and got confirmation that the licence could probably be used safely to fly on any commercial airline, rent a car, or cross the border into the US. Although they seem to have wimped out of trying any of these things. Oh, and just to spice things up, NewsChannel 4 had used a picture of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a star of the FBI's 22 most wanted list, with a $25 million price on his head.
John Lettice, 13 Feb 2003

Bulldog intros 4Mbps DSL

Bulldog Communications has unveiled a 4Mbps DSL broadband service for residential punters.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2003

UK broadband users follow ‘communist doctrine’

UK broadband users are following "communist doctrine" over fast Net access, according to a top exec at networking equipment vendor Juniper Networks.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2003

DMCA invoked in DirecTV hack

Seventeen people have been charged with creating satellite TV piracy tools that cost US operators DirecTV and Dish Network millions of dollars in lost revenues.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2003

BSA piracy audit deadline looms for business

Some 43,000 companies have until tomorrow complete a Software Audit Return (SAR) form that is designed to reveal if companies are running software without the necessary licences.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2003

P2P virus fakes nude Zeta Jones pics

A virus posing as racy pictures of Oscar-nominee Catherine Zeta Jones, or other well-known celebs, is doing the rounds on the Net.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2003

US.gov warns script kiddies to stay out of cyberwar

US script kiddies were warned this week that "patriotic" hacking attacks against America's enemies are not to be condoned, and might even backfire.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2003

Boffins outline 24Mbps mobile phone chip design

Boffins at Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs has come up a blueprint for a mobile chip, designed with 3G mobiles in mind, which works at a blistering fast 24Mbps.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2003

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