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Broken CD with wrench

Western Digital to launch S-ATA drives

Western Digital is due to announce its first Serial-ATA hard drives today (10 Feb), positioning them against SCSI in the enterprise server and RAID market. The drives are expected to feature 8MB caches and spin at 10,000RPM, thanks to ball-less fluid dynamic bearings.
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Ashcroft proposes vast new surveillance powers

A sweeping new anti-terrorism bill drafted by the Justice Department would dramatically increase government electronic surveillance and data collection abilities, and impose the first-ever federal criminal penalties for using encryption in the U.S.
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Nintendo readies GameCube budget range for Europe

A range of discounted titles called Player's Choice is to be launched by Nintendo in Europe at the beginning of April, mirroring Sony's PS2 Platinum range by offering popular GameCube titles at a new RRP of around €30 (£19.99).
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AMD claims desktop CPU crown

AMD today starts shipping the AMD Athlon XP 3000+, modestly tagged the "world's highest performing desktop PC processor".
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PCCW won't bid for C&W

The will-they-won't-PCCW take-over telecoms outfit Cable & Wireless saga appears to be over.

Morse buys AS400 house

Morse, the big Sun reseller, has scooped up a small IBM iSeries dealer house for £3.1m cash. Its new business is called Grant Sutch Associates Ltd (GSA).

Industry split over Web services platform

Control of the potentially lucrative Web services market is still up for grabs with vendors and businesses appearing to be split between the two main specifications.
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Demon racks up 20k BB users

Demon has almost doubled the number of broadband punters over the last six months to more than 20,000 users. The ISP of telecoms outfit, Thus, said the growth had come "despite strong competition in the SME market".
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Sacked sysadmin arrested on hacking charges

A former employee of display maker ViewSonic has been arrested for hacking into the company's computer network.
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French police seize guns disguised as mobile phones

Rouen police have seized two 'mobile phone' guns in a drugs-related raid in Elbeuf, Seine-Maritime, reports Agence-France Presse. The devices, which can fire four .22 bullets in the approximate direction of a victim, appear to be the ones of mysterious Eastern European origin which turn up every now and again.
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Europe threatens to invade ICANN

The Internet is teetering on the brink of war. European forces amassed under the executive chairman of UK registry Nominet, Dr Willie Black, are poised ready to strike at the very heart of the Net and liberate its inhabitants following years of non-cooperation by the ICANN regime.
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NTL seeks to clarify 1GB/day broadband cap

NTL has been stunned by the outcry from its broadband customers over the cableco's decision to cap usage of its broadband service to 1 gigabyte a day.
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Black Box Voting Author replies

Computer ballot outfit perverts Senate race, theorist says

BEA Tuxedo gets Web Services outing

BEA is sprucing up its transaction processing engine Tuxedo, by enabling it for Web Services. BEA Tuxedo 8.1, as it is known, also features improved integration with the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform.

Oftel slaps BT over ‘unfair discounts’

BT has been told to put its house in order following allegations that it used unfair discounts to snatch away a contract from a rival operator.
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UK police release TK worm suspects

Two Britons suspected of writing a virulent Internet worm have been released on police bail, pending further investigations.

Apple refreshes Xserve

Apple today topped up its Xserve server line with a dual 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 model.
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Nominet names electoral candidates

Nominet has just released full details of the people standing for the four vacant positions on its Public Advisory Board.
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Text spammer fined £15,000

ICSTIS - the premium rate phone services regulator - has slapped a £15,000 fine on an operator for sending a misleading text spam.
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Europe plans its own NSA to ‘boost cyber-security’

Europe is to get its own NSA - almost. The European Commission today unveiled plans for a European Network and Information Security Agency, to "serve as a centre of competence where both Member States and EU Institutions can seek advice on matters relating to cyber security."
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Tweaks to service make Hotmail messages look like spam

Updated Changes in the way some Hotmail messages are formatted could make legitimate emails sent using the service harder to distinguish from spam.
DVD it in many colours

Spring-cleaning Sun debuts blades, N1

Although Sun delayed its Blade launch - originally slated for last November - to coincide with a ton of new storage and software announcements, it made clear that the products are the first in an aggressive makeover of its low-end.
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Dell Dude collared in marijuana bust

Ben Curtis, the 22-year actor who plays Steven, the Dell Guy in the TV ads, was arrested in New York at the weekend for marijuana possession. How long before the Winona Defence is wheeled into gear: I was only researching a part, your honour.