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Slammer: Why security benefits from proof of concept code

The UK security expert who discovered the flaw which was exploited by the Slammer worm has concluded it does more good than harm to publish proof of concept code.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2003

Perens throws hat into SPI ring

Software in the Public Interest (SPI), the entity that owns the Debian trademark, is holding elections and working to generate enough interest in said elections to actually elect some new board members. Ironically, the last "original" board member just resigned at the same time a former board member is getting re-acquainted with the project.
Tina Gasperson, 06 Feb 2003

Business wants grants to help take-up broadband

Half of UK businesses want tax breaks or grants to encourage the take-up of broadband, according to a joint survey by the Institute of Directors (IoD) and Tiscali.
Tim Richardson, 06 Feb 2003

‘Slammer terror’ story sent to the, er, slammer

"Terrorist group claims responsibility for Slammer worm", screams the ComputerWorld headline, so we tear straight over there. Only to find: "Computerworld has removed this story due to questions about its authenticity. We expect to post an update about this situation tomorrow."*
John Lettice, 06 Feb 2003

So why do so few UK schools use Open Source?

Yes, it's the Open Source in Education Conference 2003, a "National Conference to explore the use of Open Source software in UK Primary and Secondary Education Institutions".
Drew Cullen, 06 Feb 2003

Lastminute slips into the red

Dotcom darling Lastminute.com has slipped back into the red after posting its first pre-tax profit last year.
Tim Richardson, 06 Feb 2003

PCCW linked to £2.4bn bid for C&W

Cable & Wireless has rejected advances by Hong Kong telco PCCW that would have valued C&W at around £2.4bn.
Tim Richardson, 06 Feb 2003

If it's Thursday it must be IE patching day

Microsoft yesterday released a cumulative patch for Internet Explorer with rolls up previous fixes with a couple of extra damage limitation measures.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2003

Insiders finger MS Shop as source of resale racket

A couple of insiders have written with suggestions about what it might be that has triggered Microsoft's crackdown on staff reselling software. For some reason, the fabled Microsoft Store, which offers staff heavy discounts, seems to figure highly.
John Lettice, 06 Feb 2003

Nvidia and Microsoft are chums again

Microsoft and Nvidia are friends again, amicably settling their argument over prices for X-Box components. Actually it wasn't amicable for a long time: In April last year, Nvidia disclosed in an SEC filing that Microsoft was seeking to force it to supply graphic chips for less than it thought it had agreed.
Drew Cullen, 06 Feb 2003

SCH reigns in Spain

Specialist Computer Holdings is bulking up in Spain, by acquiring the local reseller ops of GECITS for undisclosed terms. SCH will fold the business into its existing subsdiary InfoProducts Spain, and the enlarged group will trade under the new name SCC Spain from next month.
Drew Cullen, 06 Feb 2003

Using DB2 Information Integrator

Briefing NoteYesterday, I give a brief overview of some of the facilities offered by IBM's newly announced DB2 Information Integrator, writes Phil Howard. Based on federation and replication, Information Integrator is at odds with the approach advocated by Oracle, which is more slanted towards centralisation.
IT-Analysis, 06 Feb 2003

Daily Sport trials porn to mobile phone service

Last year we took the mickey out of Unix guru Ray Anderson's new career selling computer games. Now however the shameless hussy mails us intimating he's selling dirty pictures as well.
John Lettice, 06 Feb 2003

MSN deliberately breaks Opera's browser, claims company

Opera Software has accused Microsoft of deliberately engineering the MSN home page in order to make it look as if the Opera browser has a serious flaw in it. And the Norwegian company has published the results of an investigation which it says proves this.
John Lettice, 06 Feb 2003

US and UK arrests in computer worm probe

Two UK men were arrested this morning following police raids in the UK and US aimed at dismantling an international hacker group believed to have created a virulent computer worm.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2003

Bloomberg extortion, hacking case opens in New York

The trial of a Kazakhstan man accused of attempting to extort $200,000 from the founder of the Bloomberg financial news service began New York this week.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2003

Ericsson boss to retire

Kurt Hellström, 60, is retire in April and make way for a boss at mobile phone giant, Ericsson.
Tim Richardson, 06 Feb 2003

Tiscali in free ADSL modem promo

Tiscali is handing out free modems in a bid to get punters to sign up to its broadband service.
Tim Richardson, 06 Feb 2003

Stolen formula torpedos big brand mobos

Has your motherboard been playing up lately? If you bought a new mobo or new PC in 2002, it could contain a cowboy part which has caused its failure, or will do so in the future.
Drew Cullen, 06 Feb 2003

Floppy disks face extinction

The death knell for the humble floppy drive may have been sounded, following Dell's decision to stop installing them on all new PCs.
ElectricNews.net, 06 Feb 2003

Dyson cleans out her closet

Esther Dyson, one of the key figures in the development of the commercial Internet, advisor to Al Gore, promoter of the Net in Eastern Europe and poster woman for the dotcom millionaires, went to massive lengths today to distance herself from the failures of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Despite having been a Founding Director, Dyson now says that her involvement in ICANN's development was actually very limited.
Bill Thompson, 06 Feb 2003

Forged cheque scam hits UK retailers

UK computer retailers are warned today of a sophisticated new scam involving counterfeit cheques.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2003

I'm a Bastard Operator, Get Me Out of Here!

Episode 1
Simon Travaglia, 06 Feb 2003

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