4th February 2003 Archive

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  • The rise of the $99 ‘consumer’ Linux distribution

    And why it's a great deal

    Software 04 08:53

  • AMD ships Athlon MP 2600+

    More launches than Henley

    Servers 04 08:53

  • Why US gov reps mugged pro open source declaration

    And why there's a clash with developing countries brewing

    Software 04 08:57

  • HP subs server memory gig to Solectron

    Big Deal

    Servers 04 09:57

  • Lawyers enter fray in spam blacklisting dispute

    Spews.org makes Island Networks sick

    Media 04 10:05

  • Sun plots critical path to post-SMP future

    It's how you draw the map, see

    Data Centre 04 10:07

  • PC support staff most in demand

    UK Survey

    Business 04 10:27

  • Cyberterror! Project Gutenberg URL swiped for Saddam

    Bound to be a clear breach of security council resolution...

    Media 04 10:57

  • MS says how it will ship Sun Java for XP, Longhorn

    Should it have to, that is...

    Software 04 11:37

  • mm02 has good Q

    ARPUs up

    Mobile 04 11:38

  • Symmetrix is back on top

    EMC plays leapfrog with IBM, HDS - who's turn is it next?

    Storage 04 11:49

  • Blue Coat clamps down on rogue IM use


    Security 04 11:58

  • Dell Axims come to Europe

    Five languages

    Personal 04 12:07

  • Xbox losses double

    Component suppliers see orders cut

    Personal 04 12:19

  • Geoworks flees UK

    Death by a thousand cuts

    Mobile 04 13:04

  • MPs barred from reading their own emails

    Spam filter goes Mad

    Media 04 13:34

  • Korean Net users blame MS for Slammer carnage

    Is Redmond culpable?

    Security 04 13:37

  • Reg readers are generous PC-donating bunch

    But others are even better

    Business 04 14:39

  • BT smarts at £1.35m compensation payout

    Denies e-gov project 'near to collapse'

    Data Centre 04 14:44

  • Phantom of the Opera

    Five vulns, three serious in Opera 7

    Security 04 14:49

  • BBC sends Archers fans computer virus

    Dum di dum di dum di... doh!

    Security 04 17:06

  • Be wary of cut-price telcos, warns research

    Do your sums first

    Media 04 17:07