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Reg FoTW star feted in Finnish press

Poland's cultural ambassador to the Internet, "jpzr" has been feted in the Finnish press this week after he published his views of the country he left at Christmas.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2003

Evidence torpedoes SBC web patent

LettersRe: SBC enforcing all-encompassing Web patent
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2003

EU forces ‘radical’ changes to Passport

Microsoft has agreed to make 'substantial' changes to its .Net Passport system, thus avoiding a possible fine for breaking EU data protection laws.
ElectricNews.net, 31 Jan 2003

Telewest signs PS2 online gaming network deal

UK cable operator Telewest has signed a deal with Sony that will see the company working on the creation of a high-speed network to allow PS2 owners across Europe to play online games on their consoles.
gamesindustry.biz, 31 Jan 2003

HP closes California server plant

MemoWatchHP is shutting down its server and storage plant in Roseville, California. All production is switched to Houston Texas, and 500 jobs are affected. However, only 25 jobs are actually cut. HP says it will give priority to all Roseville people wishing to move Houston. Don't think there will be too many, do you.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2003

Dell cuts 180 jobs in Germany

Dell goes from strength to strength everywhere - except Germany. Even the mighty Dell is struggling in Europe's toughest PC market, where it accounts for a measly 5.9 per cent of shipments.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Govt needs to spruce up its Web sites

The UK Government needs to improve the quality of its Web sites, according to new research by Keynote Systems.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2003

Verizon fights on in RIAA ID case

Verizon is to appeal against a US court ruling that it should reveal the identity of an Internet subscriber to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). As a first step, the firm yesterday filed a motion to stay the ruling.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2003

Reg reader reduced to online begging

One lamentable effect of our recent piece on "college girl" Michel's attempts to raise $4,500 for a breast boost op has been to encourage other cash-strapped ne'er-do-wells to hit the web, begging bowl and dog-on-string at the ready.
Lester Haines, 31 Jan 2003

Pupil ‘suspended’ after he Asked f&%king Jeeves

An Essex schoolboy is currently under police investigation after he sent an "extremely abusive email" to staff at search outfit Ask Jeeves.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2003

‘Secure by design’, claims MS op-ed ad

Quite by mistake, I bought the New York Times yesterday. I thought it was Paul Krugman day, but he wasn't there - his column doesn't appear on a Thursday.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2003

Zetnet in ADSL promo

Zetnet - which calls itself one of the longest established business-to-business ISPs in the UK - is now entering the domestic broadband market.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2003

UK ID card consultation ends today

The Home Office's consultation on its ID (aka Entitlement) Card proposals closes today, amidst complaints from privacy campaigners that the government has broken its own rules in canvassing opinions on its controversial plans.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2003

BT spin-off fashions itself into MS ISA Server boosters

A product that adds content distribution and Web acceleration to increase the appeal of Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server to enterprises was launched by BT spin-off Venation today.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2003

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