31st January 2003 Archive

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  • Reg FoTW star feted in Finnish press

    Ambassador, you spoil me

    Bootnotes 31 00:09

  • Evidence torpedoes SBC web patent

    Bootnotes 31 02:29

  • EU forces ‘radical’ changes to Passport

    Spot the Difference

    Software 31 08:31

  • Telewest signs PS2 online gaming network deal

    Sony makes home gateway play

    Personal 31 08:33

  • HP closes California server plant

    Let's all move to Texas

    Servers 31 09:27

  • Dell cuts 180 jobs in Germany

    When the going gets tough

    Personal 31 09:40

  • Govt needs to spruce up its Web sites

    Research etc

    Data Centre 31 09:49

  • Verizon fights on in RIAA ID case

    This ISP is not for ratting

    Media 31 09:57

  • Reg reader reduced to online begging

    Spare a few coppers, guvnor?

    Bootnotes 31 13:59

  • Pupil ‘suspended’ after he Asked f&%king Jeeves

    Flame of the term

    Media 31 14:01

  • ‘Secure by design’, claims MS op-ed ad

    Redmond declares war on BOFHs, everywhere

    Software 31 14:30

  • Zetnet in ADSL promo

    Free modem etc

    Broadband 31 14:31

  • UK ID card consultation ends today

    Campaigners urge extension to 'bungled' consultation

    Media 31 14:33

  • BT spin-off fashions itself into MS ISA Server boosters

    Time is right this time, says Venation

    Servers 31 16:01