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President's “whine” inspired Nigerian 419 spoof

We wondered who could be the author of the witty Nigerian spam scam parody.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jan 2003

Akamai banks on Edge Computing

ComputerWire, 29 Jan 2003

ARM expects flat revenue to continue

ComputerWire, 29 Jan 2003

JD Edwards gets to grips with CRM

JD Edwards & Co is making up for its late arrival at the CRM party with an expanded offering that features integration with its Demand Consensus application, a move that provides a task-specific link between CRM and SCM systems.
ComputerWire, 29 Jan 2003

Siebel climbs into bed with IBM

Just three months after it announced a "dramatic expansion" of its relationship with Microsoft Corp in which it tied its eBusiness application suite to .NET, Siebel Systems Inc has revealed a parallel alliance with IBM Corp and its WebSphere application server platform.
ComputerWire, 29 Jan 2003
server room

WS-I members take stand against ‘big-name bias’

Small and medium sized ISVs are vying to lead an IBM and Microsoft Corp-backed web services organization, amid sentiment the group’s direction is being misdirected by big-name vendors, Gavin Clarke writes
ComputerWire, 29 Jan 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Mitsubishi mulls outsourcing PC Servers to NEC

ComputerWire, 29 Jan 2003

Data Protection Register is Out of Date

Oh phooey! Microsoft's data protection registration has not, as it so baldly states on the Data Protection Register web site, expired after all.
John Leyden, 29 Jan 2003

Cornwall gets more subsidised ADSL exchanges

BT is to upgrade four more exchanges in St Ives, Bude, Saltash and Penryn as part of a subsidised project to bring broadband to Cornwall. The exchanges are to be converted to ADSL by February 3.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jan 2003

BT business broadband service takes w/e off

BT is working to fix a problem that hit its Business Broadband service over the weekend, denying some customers access to email or the Web.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jan 2003

Courts IT project ‘shocking waste of money’

A project to computerise Magistrates' Courts has been branded a "shocking waste of money" after the cost of the project doubled in just two years.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jan 2003

Lindows launches ‘one per room’ $329 mini PC

Lindows boss Michael Robertson sends The Reg (along with half the known universe, as far as we can make out) frequent editions of "Michael's Minutes," chatty bulletins communicating all the news and doings of the company. On the basis that there can't possibly be that much interesting about Lindows, we bin most of them without reading them; but we like the latest - we accept that whether we like his Minutes or not, Michael knows what he's doing, and this time in particular we think he's on the money.
John Lettice, 29 Jan 2003

Where the hell is my website? (Part 2)

Website hacking, email viruses and server failures are the great enemy of online businesses but in many cases it is the very people providing the building blocks of the Internet who are to blame for disruption.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Jan 2003

A punter's guide to keeping hold of your domain

Here is a quick guide that will hugely reduce the chances that your domain will be snapped up by someone else:
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Jan 2003

Opera releases version 7 of the ‘other’ browser

Opera Software yesterday unveiled the production version of its new browser, Opera 7, which represents a radical rewrite of the "other" browser. It includes a new rendering engine, a new UI, mail client, the usual standards-compliance checkmarks that make Opera announcements such compelling reading, plus some intriguing bells and whistles.
John Lettice, 29 Jan 2003

Pipex in broadband recruitment drive

Pipex is turning to its existing customer base to help it recruit more than 24,000 new broadband punters.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jan 2003

Security worries hold back UK online tax returns

Security and usability concerns are holding back Brits from filling their tax returns online.
John Leyden, 29 Jan 2003

CCNA, MCAD, MCSE books at 30 per cent off

This week's discounted titles from Reg associate IT-minds.com include some of their best self study books for popular certifications. However advanced you are in your preparation for Microsoft, Cisco or Sun exams, they've got comprehensive study guides as well as material to help in those last minute cramming sessions. This week you can buy all MCSE, Sun, and MCAD Training Guides for £25.55, Exam Crams for £15.39 and CCNA Self Study, Practical Studies and Exam Certification Guide can be yours for £27.29 - that's 30 per cent off the list price.
Team Register, 29 Jan 2003

Hotmail comes to Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK is preparing to extend Microsoft MSN functionality to users of its Vodafone Live service, say reports.
ElectricNews.net, 29 Jan 2003

Yahoo! intros! paid-for! radio!

On Monday (Jan 27), Yahoo! squared a dispute with Sony, courtesy of a one-time fee for prior use of copyrighted music played on LAUNCHcast.
Drew Cullen, 29 Jan 2003

Skybet disappoints footy fans in 37663/1 long shot

Our thanks go to the Reg reader who sent us an email from Skybet - Sky's multiplatform bookmaker.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jan 2003

Net snooping to cost UK taxpayers £100m+. A year

A Home Office minister last night brushed aside a report by MPs which calls on the government to drop Net snooping plans.
John Leyden, 29 Jan 2003

Buy a piece of Net nostalgia for $5,000

If you've got $5,000 to spare, you could buy a piece of Net nostalgia in the form of the OpenProjects .net, .com and .org domains.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Jan 2003

Earthlink cans 1,300 call centre staff

MemoWatchYesterday Atlanta based ISP Earthlink announced plans to cut its staff headcount by 1,300 in a move to reduce its operating costs by $20 million.
John Leyden, 29 Jan 2003

National e-Procurement folds

National eProcurement - a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Australia Bank Group (NAB) - is to close at the end of February.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jan 2003

Rambus stuns world+dog with Infineon court victory

Rambus, the disgraced fast memory chip designer, is whiter than white after all. A Federal appeal court has overturned an earlier verdict that the company had committed fraud in seeking royalties from Infineon for patents relating to DDR SDRAM.
Drew Cullen, 29 Jan 2003

Micron calls on market for $500m

Micron is to raise $500m through a convertible bond issue. America's last DRAM maker will spend the money on general working capital, R&D and managing the transition to new technologies and manufacturing processes.
Drew Cullen, 29 Jan 2003

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