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i2 to re-cook books

ComputerWire, 28 Jan 2003

IBM gets down to business with Grids

ComputerWire, 28 Jan 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Sun pencils Feb 10 for server refresh

ComputerWire, 28 Jan 2003

VeriSign ‘violates DNS’ – IAB

ComputerWire, 28 Jan 2003

.org handover ‘successful’

The handover of the management of the .org top-level internet domain from VeriSign Inc to the Public Internet Registry, an affiliate of the Internet Society, was successfully completed over the weekend, PIR said yesterday.
ComputerWire, 28 Jan 2003

Easynet ‘categorically denies’ child porn allegations

Easynet has strongly denied allegations made in a Sunday newspaper that it is "peddling child porn" and "making money from child porn".
Tim Richardson, 28 Jan 2003

Man sacked for blogging

A Brit living and working in the US has been sacked from his job for running a blog.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jan 2003

Mixed fortunes in becalmed storage market

The enterprise storage and switches market experienced better than expected US sales last quarter, but European revenues fell short of expectations.
John Leyden, 28 Jan 2003

Where the hell is my website?

Feature"My primary domain name has disappeared from the face of the earth without warning or any reminder whatsoever earlier this morning," - Register reader's email to us, December 2002.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jan 2003

Politicians must do more for broadband

Political leaders must do more to help the development and take-up of broadband in Europe if they want to secure the benefits of a wired world.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jan 2003
DVD it in many colours

IBM looks to summer release for T-Rex mainframe

IBM is expected to begin selling its most powerful mainframe to date in the second half of this year.
John Leyden, 28 Jan 2003

Purple Software goes tits up

The liquidators were called in last week to wind up the affairs of Purple Software, the mobile games software company.
Drew Cullen, 28 Jan 2003

EasyInternetcafe loses CD burning court battle

Cybercafe chain EasyInternetcafe has lost its High Court battle with the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) over allegations that it offered a commercial service burning illegally downloaded music onto recordable CDs for customers.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jan 2003

Server shipments rise in 2002

Global server shipments grew by 4.2 per cent in 2002, but economic downturns in key regions continued to impact on the sector's chances of a major up-turn. Preliminary findings from research firm Dataquest suggest that worldwide server shipments totalled 4.6 million in 2002, up 4.2 per cent over the previous year.
ElectricNews.net, 28 Jan 2003

Apple unwraps tower PowerMac G4s

Apple today let slip the new Power Mac G4 on to its web site. So let's race through some spec: it comes in three flavours, a 1GHz single-processor model, and 1.25GHz and 1.42GHz dualies. The latter are fitted with 2MB Level 3 cache. All three support 4x AGP graphics.
Drew Cullen, 28 Jan 2003

Linux infiltrates Homeland Security, and other conspiracies

A tipster draws our attention to a posting from one Saddam Hussein on the linux-elitists list, pointing out an oddity concerning the US Department of Homeland Security's newly-launched web site. The site was announced on Friday, running on a spiffy combo of Linux and Oracle 9i, but if you consult its recent history at Netcraft you'll note that this isn't the full story.
John Lettice, 28 Jan 2003

Missing Sun chip found in abandoned taqueria

The much-delayed Jalapeno chip has been rediscovered. Workmen renovating an abandoned taqueria in Sunnyvale, California found the processor and returned it to its owner, Sun Microsystems.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jan 2003

MS struggles to contain the Slammer worm

MemoWatchAn insight into the problems faced by Microsoft indealing with the Slammer (aka Sapphire) worm is revealed in internal company memos leaked to El Reg.
John Leyden, 28 Jan 2003

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