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Microsoft to convert world to “shared source” – by 15,625 AD

Lost in the ballyhoo about Microsoft "opening" its "secret code" to the world is evidence of real world adoption of the Shared Source programs. Fortunately Microsoft-Benelux has some answers. And they prove that the scheme is far more successful at gathering press coverage than actual users.
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Firewall/VPN vendors saw growth in 2002

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd and NetScreen Technologies Inc, rival suppliers of firewall/VPN systems, yesterday both reported pleasing financials for calendar 2002, as demand grows for appliances that protect networks from attack, Kevin Murphy writes. Both companies beat analysts’ estimates. NetScreen posted …
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PeopleSoft sales, profits slip

PeopleSoft Inc delivered profits well above its previous guidance when it announced its fourth quarter results yesterday. The Pleasanton, California-based developer turned in sales of $512.3m in the quarter ending December 31, down 5.1% on the previous year. Operating income was down 2.4% to $78.4m, while net income was …
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Siebel reports Q4 loss

CRM giant Siebel Systems Inc turned in a fourth quarter loss yesterday on the back of a sharp fall in software revenues. The San Mateo, California-based vendor reported revenues of $394.7m for the quarter ending December 31, down 19.1% on the year. While services, maintenance and other revenues were static, software …
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Sun’s Linux Desktop expected this summer

Sun Microsystems Inc's alternative to Windows-desktop PCs is scheduled for a summer launch, slipping from Q1, with the company also preparing to change the system’s proposed route to market. Santa Clara, California-based Sun said yesterday its Linux desktop, codenamed Mad Hatter, will ship this summer. However, the company …
Broken CD with wrench

WS-I second round spec homes in on security

A Microsoft Corp-backed industry group is preparing its second set of web services specifications to ensure interoperability of emerging XML security standards, writes Gavin Clarke. The Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) organization has created a working group whose task is to map out potential deliverables for a …
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SBC enforcing all-encompassing Web patent

SBC Communications Inc is enforcing a patent it owns that, it claims, covers the use of frame-like user interfaces in web sites, it emerged this week Kevin Murphy writes. . If your web site uses a frames or a persistent user interface, then you could be in infringement. Using SBC’s interpretation of its patent, hundreds of …
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Hilary Rosen quits RIAA

The Recording Industry Association of America's chief Hilary Rosen is to step down after five calamitous years shilling for the music distribution cartel.
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Nokia claims record Q4

Nokia ended 2002 with € 8.8bn cash, a record. And it had a storming Q4, so far as volumes are concerned, shipping a record 46 million handsets in the quarter. The company also claims record market share in Q4, estimating that it produced 39 per cent of all handsets sold in the quarter.
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ISP claims to offer ‘free’ broadband

Sceptics and ever-hopeful optimists alike shouldn't have to wait too long for the inside story on freebb.co.uk, a new outfit which claims to be offering free broadband.
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Open letter

AN OPEN LETTER FROM EROL ZIYA TO THE BROADBAND STAKEHOLDER GROUP It would seem that, according to various press reports, the new head of Ofcom is Stephen Carter. Executive summary UK consumers - shafted. Main body As someone who has worked for six years or so now to try and ensure that the needs and the voice of the user / …

Campaigner slams Ofcom's new boss

A member of the Government's influential Broadband Stakeholders Group (BSG) has openly criticised the appointment of former NTL boss, Stephen Carter, as chief executive of the new giant communications regulator, Ofcom.

Linux Comes to Unisys Servers (via SCO)

SCO is to release versions of its Linux operating system for Unisys Corp’s ES7000 servers and ClearPath mainframes, confirming ComputerWire’s reports of late 2002 that Linux would soon be available for the machines. The development is significant due to Unisys’s tight relationship with Microsoft Corp, and also because it …
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McAfee highlights mobile network threat risk

McAfee Security today released research designed to persuade mobile operators to invest more in security - or risk huge loses through malicious attacks by 2005.
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dabs.com buys French reseller

dabs.com is dipping its toes overseas with the cash purchase of SOS Developers, a French B2B software reseller.
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ISPA posts shortlists for Internet industry awards

A polite and respectful ripple of applause for the following item please. ISPA (the Internet Service Provider's Association) has just announced the nominees for this year's industry awards.
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One, two, three, four MS alerts are at our door

Today's inbox is packed with security alerts from Microsoft. You wait ages - OK, days, maybe weeks - for Microsoft vulns, then four come at once. Just like London's buses.
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Row brews over Eircom's low-cost DSL

Esat BT has attacked Eircom's introduction of a new DSL service in Ireland as anti-competitive because the incumbent did not offer a wholesale version before its launch.
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NSI sends customer list to customer list

The consolidated e-mail addresses of many thousands of .org Web site owners has accidentally been included in a mass customer-notification missive from NSI to each address included in the list.
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Nintendo confirms next-gen console

Nintendo says it plans to a launch a new console to replace Gamecube in 2005 or 2006, scotching speculation that it plans to exit the console hardware marketd,