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Dude, your cryptic hand gestures are baffling and utterly inadequate

LettersRe: Dude, you've got selective amnesia!
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jan 2003

Oracle and customers still at odds over 10.7

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2003

HP rolls out Versastor, by way of Brocade

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2003

C&W waves goodbye to Wallace

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2003

Search firms upgrade relevance, bells, whistles

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2003

RealNetworks goes live with Helix DNA Server

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2003

Yahoo! offers! small! biz! hosting!

Yahoo! is to offer Web hosting services for small businesses in US. Three tariffs are available, costing $11.95, $19.95 and $39.95 each per month and set up fees ranging from $15 to $25. Support for PHP and MySQL is provided with the most expensive plan.
Drew Cullen, 22 Jan 2003

Oftel orders cut in mobile phone charges

The UK's four mobile phone operators have been ordered to slash their charges for making calls to their mobile networks because they're overcharging punters by a whopping 40 per cent, the telecoms regulator confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2003

Firstnet agrees to buy Liberty Broadband

Liberty Broadband - the fixed wireless operator formally known as Tele2 (UK) - was formally placed into liquidation on January 10.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2003

‘Pattern Language for Web Usability’ at 30 per cent off

This week's must-have offer from Reg associate IT-minds.com is 30 per cent off the unique Pattern Language for Web Usability - a book that uses design patterns to achieve web usability.
Team Register, 22 Jan 2003

SuSE launches Office for SMEs

SuSE, the big German Linux distro, yesterday announced its open source Office desktop productivity tool. Called SuSE Linux Office Desktop 8.1 (the version number refers to SuSE's take on the Linux OS, not to the suite), this is available in a retail-friendly box for $129 (€139.90) for a single license +90 days support. The pitch is simple: We're cheaper than Microsoft. And more secure.
Drew Cullen, 22 Jan 2003

Microsoft launches CRM (in US)

ComputerWire, 22 Jan 2003

Vodafone, Orange seeks judicial review over phone charges

Vodafone UK is to seek a judicial review following the Competition Commission's ruling that mobile phone companies are overcharging consumers for making phone calls.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2003

Verizon to appeal in music download ID case

US ISP, Verizon, is to appeal against a court ruling which forces it to reveal the identity of one of its customers who is alleged to have illegally made available more than 600 copyrighted music files over the Internet.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jan 2003

Web-based single sign-on sales shoot up

Web-based single sign-on (SSO) is emerging as the key driver within the security 3A (authentication, authorisation, and administration) market.
John Leyden, 22 Jan 2003

US startup plans new console launch

A Florida-based startup, Infinium Labs, has announced its intention to launch a new broadband-enabled console in the US games market by the end of the year which will compete directly with the offerings from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.
gamesindustry.biz, 22 Jan 2003

bet365 sends Avril Lavigne worm to punters

Online betting firm bet365 has apologised after sending out a copy of the Avril Lavigne worm to punters on its mailing list last night.
John Leyden, 22 Jan 2003

On Windows, Nynorsk, Sami and Catalan

LettersOur recent-ish article Windows comes to Nynorsk, prompted a big response, mostly from Norwegians and Brits with a smattering of Catalans responding to our call to arms.
Drew Cullen, 22 Jan 2003

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