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BT to scrap phone number moving charge

BT is to scrap the charge for punters looking to hang on to their phone numbers when they move house.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jan 2003

US unveils chip-zapping ‘lightning bomb’ to tackle Saddam

Remember the neutron bomb, the radiation-rich atomic weapon of the 1980s designed to kill people while leaving buildings intact?
John Leyden, 21 Jan 2003

“Replicant” theory emerges in US Astroturf scandal

A new theory emerged today to rebuff the "Astroturf" scandal that's the talk of the web. A week ago a weblogger who calls himself Atrios discovered that identical letters praising "the leadership of President Bush" had appeared in dozens of local American newspapers.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Jan 2003

AOL offers free broadband

AOL is offering one month's free broadband plus free activation for all new punters who sign up before the end of March.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jan 2003
DVD it in many colours

EV7 AlphaServers unleashed as chip line heads into sunset

ComputerWire, 21 Jan 2003

Infineon makes money out of memory chips shock

ComputerWire, 21 Jan 2003

HP launches 4-way ProLiant blade servers

ComputerWire, 21 Jan 2003

Will UK's aircraft carriers run on 'Windows for warships'?

Last week UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon mounted an odd attack on the country's major defence contractor, BAE Systems, claiming that large foreign shareholdings in the company meant that it could no longer be viewed as British. The assault was seen by observers as perhaps being a pre-emptive strike in the run-up to Hoon's potential award of the contract for two aircraft carriers to French company Thales, rather than to maybe-not-so-local player BAE. But Register sources claim BAE's defeat may also save us from a real deployment of Windows for warships.
John Lettice, 21 Jan 2003

Prosecutors appeal DVD Jon innocent verdict

Norwegian prosecutors are appealing the court ruling that cleared teenager Jon Lech Johansen of criminal charges for creating a utility for playing back DVDs on his own computer.
John Leyden, 21 Jan 2003

Competition Watchdog mulls Freeserve's BT complaint

The Competition Commission Appeal Tribunals (CCAT) - the UK's highest specialist competition law court - is currently hearing an appeal that could have could have wider repercussions for the UK's broadband sector.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jan 2003

Java poised for return to Windows, appeals permitting

Scarily, Sun and Microsoft have agreed on something to do with Java. But they're keeping quiet about the details pending the judge's decision. The bottom line, however, is that Microsoft, in accordance with Baltimore District Judge J Frederick Motz's order, will be shipping Java with Windows within 120 days.
John Lettice, 21 Jan 2003


HP's incredibly powerful wireless keyboards are bringing Norwegian neighbours together again. This time, a letter of complaint typed by Oslo man Are Wormnes on his home PC travelled by courtesy of the the HP keyboard to the computer of neighbour Ørjan Stokkeland.
Drew Cullen, 21 Jan 2003

Welsh virus writer Vallor jailed for two years

A 22-old Welsh Web designer who pleaded guilty to creating and distributing three mass mailer viruses was sentenced to two years imprisonment at Southwark Crown Court this afternoon.
John Leyden, 21 Jan 2003

Carter confirmed as Ofcom chief exec

Former NTL boss Stephen Carter has been appointed chief executive of the new telecoms and media regulator, Ofcom, it was confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jan 2003

BT shuts Games Domain Multiplay

BT has informed subscribers to its Games Domain branded multiplayer product that it intends to discontinue the services on February 17, less than a year and a half after its original launch in November 2001.
gamesindustry.biz, 21 Jan 2003

Sun blade specs emerge

ExclusiveIf your sweepstake money was on LinuxWorld for the date when Sun would unveil more Linux-related announcements, you're out of luck. We've been waiting for details of the corporate desktop since last year and details remain sketchy. We've also waiting been for details of Sun's ultradense blade servers for what seems like forever (they were scheduled to roll out in November). So if the suspense is killing you, here are the specifications.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Jan 2003

HP lines up OpenVMS for Itanium

The long-awaited port of HP's OpenVMS to Intel's Itanium is set for full release next year, as are plans to move Tru64 Unix features into HP-UX. The announcements came as HP introduced its new Alpha servers, based on the EV7 chip, plus a strategy to migrate Alpha users to Itanium servers over the next three to eight years.
Bryan Betts, 21 Jan 2003

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