21st January 2003 Archive

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  • BT to scrap phone number moving charge

    That's it

    Business 21 10:56

  • US unveils chip-zapping ‘lightning bomb’ to tackle Saddam

    And anything else electronic within 300 metres of whatever it hits, allegedly...

    Personal 21 11:06

  • “Replicant” theory emerges in US Astroturf scandal

    Robots or men?

    Bootnotes 21 11:18

  • AOL offers free broadband

    Promo alert

    Media 21 11:36

  • EV7 AlphaServers unleashed as chip line heads into sunset

    Oomph up to 2004 and that's it, folks

    Servers 21 11:40

  • Infineon makes money out of memory chips shock

    Investments paying off...

    Channel 21 11:43

  • HP launches 4-way ProLiant blade servers

    First high volume vendor to do so

    Servers 21 11:48

  • Will UK's aircraft carriers run on 'Windows for warships'?

    BAE's command systems specialist may think it's a good idea

    Software 21 12:29

  • Prosecutors appeal DVD Jon innocent verdict

    Possible 'double jeopardy' retrial looms

    Software 21 14:11

  • Competition Watchdog mulls Freeserve's BT complaint

    Broadband under the microscope

    Media 21 14:12

  • Java poised for return to Windows, appeals permitting

    Preliminary injunctions - the long comply...

    Software 21 14:41


    HP drops keyboard security guarantee

    Personal 21 16:39

  • Welsh virus writer Vallor jailed for two years

    Not a nerd, a criminal, says judge

    Security 21 16:43

  • Carter confirmed as Ofcom chief exec


    Media 21 16:44

  • BT shuts Games Domain Multiplay

    Not enough customers

    Media 21 16:56

  • Sun blade specs emerge

    Speeds n' feeds

    Data Centre 21 20:35

  • HP lines up OpenVMS for Itanium

    Digital's legacy gets new lease of life

    Servers 21 22:42