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Dude, you've got selective amnesia!

Michael Dell is no fool, which makes his remarks in an interview with InfoWorld published this week a puzzling read.
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Intel rewrites Itanium roadmap

Intel Corp has dramatically rerouted its Itanium 2 roadmap, delaying the transition of the 64 bit architecture to 90 nanometer technology but pulling forward its plans for a dual core version of the product, writes Joe Fay. The vendor had originally planned to follow this summer's launch of the second generation Itanium 2 …

Separate dance cards for Web Services Choreography?

The World Wide Web (W3C) consortium has begun work drafting a specification for a Web Services Choreography language, minus input from Microsoft Corp and IBM, writes Gavin Clarke. The Internet standards body has formally created a Web Services Choreography Working Group, whose existence in draft form was revealed by …

J2EE 1.4 moves down the Enterprise ladder

The dark art of Java programming could be demystified in the next enterprise edition, as Sun Microsystems Inc and community members introduce features to help the platform gain wider acceptance, writes Gavin Clarke. Sun and the Java Community Process (JCP) members preparing the delayed Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 …
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Register.com presented with buyout bid

Register.com Inc has received an unsolicited offer of almost $200m to buy the company outright, but has yet to make a public decision on whether shareholders should accept the offer, it emerged yesterday. RCM Acquisition Co LLC, a consortium of several Register shareholders set up specifically to launch the bid and …
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Ariba restates more accounts

The financial confusion at e-business software developer Ariba Inc has deepened following the announcement that it will now have to restate its fiscal 2000 figures and 10 quarters of results. This follows an earlier announcement that it would have to restate its fiscal 2001 figures. The troubled started when an internal …
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Mandrakesoft goes tits up

On Monday, we revealed that Mandrakesoft was close to seeking bankruptcy protection under French law. Yesterday, the firm filed for the French equivalent of Chapter 11. Here is the company's statement.
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Merrill outlines Euro 2003 IT spending outlook

A quarterly poll of 100 European CIOs by investment bank Merrill Lynch sounds a muted outlook for the year ahead with average IT budget growth of just 0.8% against 2002 levels, although IT spending plans look more certain than in surveys carried out in previous quarters. A majority 43% slice of respondents anticipated that …
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IT spending dropped in Q4 2002- can 2003 be that gloomy?

Goldman Sach's survey of major US Corporations' IT spend in Q4 2002 showed a surprising drop in Corporate IT spending. It surprised everyone, not least Goldman Sachs itself, writes Bob McDowall.
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Supremes back Disney and pigopolists vs science and culture

In a decision marked by much internal dissent - bordering on outright cattiness - the United States' Supreme Court voted 7-2 to uphold the decision to give copyright holders a 20 year rights extension.
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MS seeks malware, bust phones after SPV security crack

A quite bizarre CNET report reveals that Microsoft's Security Response Center began investigations into the circumvention of security on the SPV smartphone on Tuesday, searching - so says CNET, anyway - for reports of rogue programs on the network and damaged phones.
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Yahoo! posts! profit!

Yahoo! Inc's decision to cut costs and introduce new ways to generate money, such as charging for email, appears to be paying off.
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Buster Gonads inspires unfeasibly large Itanic CPU

Down in Intel's Frankenstein laboratories, the scientists are coming up with ever more surreal methods to disguise the comatose Itanium processor project as a living breathing thing.
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Girl suffers burns after laptop explodes

A 15-year-old girl suffered second-degree burns to her hands and thighs after the laptop she was using exploded.
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Time workers call for strike action

Workers at Time Computers are threatening to go on strike regarding ongoing concerns over pay and conditions.
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Consumer laptop sales help PC market to modest growth

The PC market in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) recorded modest growth during the fourth quarter of 2002, of around six percent.
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Narrowband Net use declines in US

Fewer people in the US are accessing the Net using a narrowband connection, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.
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Yahoo! storms! Q4!

Dot-com survivor Yahoo! said this week that it beat expectations for the fourth quarter, as it raised estimates for 2003.
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Where did that SMS go?

One in twelve text messages, originated by email, are either tardy or lost on their way to US mobile subscribers.