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Pipex in ADSL promo

Pipex - which has more than 50,000 broadband punters - has announced a brace of offers designed to tempt Net users to sign up to its service.
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49k sign up to Freeserve broadband

Freeserve had 49,000 broadband punters in the UK at the end of December, according to figures just released by parent Wanadoo.

Intel grabs market share in Q4

Intel's Q4 revenue was $7.2bn, 3 per cent up on Q4, 2001. Net income was $1bn, advancing 108 per cent on the same period in 2001.
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mm02 accused of euro price fudging

In Brief: A group of German consumers has accused mm02 of sneaking price rises when converting from deutschemark to euro. Now it is taking the mobile phone network's German unit to the European Court of Justice, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports, by way of Bloomberg. ®

Hardware sales carry on falling at Morse

Morse's Q2 sales to 31 December, fell to £92m (2001: #115m), contributing to a slump in interims of £185m (2001: £226m).
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MS plays the security card in Gov shared source retread

Microsoft yesterday announced the Government Security Program, an initiative intended to provide governments and agencies with "controlled access... subject to certain licensing restrictions" to Microsoft source code. The announcement was accompanied by great amazement and astonishment in the public prints. Remarkably, this "unprecedented move" (Reuters) looks not entirely dissimilar to the Microsoft Government Shared Source Licensing Program, which has been available (to general disinterest) for some considerable time.
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Microsoft Ireland confirms job cuts

Microsoft Ireland on Tuesday confirmed that about 55 staff would be made redundant, as 113 positions move to locations outside Ireland.
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Ringtone royalties top $71m

Songwriters collected $71m (£44m) last year in royalties from the sale of mobile phone ringtones.

CA switches on to SAN management

Computer Associates Inc yesterday became the last of the big three systems management vendors to enter the burgeoning SAN management software arena, shipping a product which it promoted as offering application-centric views of storage networks, as well as integration with its existing systems and storage management …
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Capellas talks ‘outrageous urgency’ (after outrageous fortune)

Rallying the troops in a broadcast to 60,000 employees and a global audience of interested parties, WorldCom Inc's new chairman and CEO Michael Capellas yesterday outlined how he plans to get the beleaguered firm back on track, Kevin Murphy writes. Repeating the mantra of "outrageous urgency", Capellas said the company …
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Counterpane receives $20m funding

Counterpane Internet Security Inc, which provides security-monitoring services, said yesterday it has secured $20m in series D funding from new and existing investors. The company will put the money towards growing its sales and marketing activities.
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Receivers called in at Rage

Following the closure of its credit line yesterday and the suspension of its shares on the London Stock Exchange, embattled British publisher Rage has been in discussion with bank receivers today and a transfer of ownership could take place within the next 24 to 48 hours, according to sources within the company.
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My usability study is better than yours

A row has broken out over claims that the Web sites of many of the UK's top companies are 'wallowing in mediocrity'.
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Piracy: Music, Software v. Hollywood

The music and computer industries have come out against any moves by the US government to embed anti-piracy technology in software and consumer electronic devices. This puts them in a different camp from Hollywood's mouthpiece, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), which supports government-mandated technology.
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Transmeta builds crypto into Crusoe

Transmeta yesterday said it has begun sampling versions of its Crusoe TM5800 processor embedded with proprietary security technologies.
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Goldman Sachs issues gloomy IT spending outlook

Pre-Christmas gloom amongst IT managers means technology spending is likely to decline this year, instead of growing, according to research released by investment bank Goldman Sachs yesterday.

Welsh virus writer to be sentenced next Tuesday

A 21-old Welsh Web designer who pleaded guilty to creating and distributing three mass mailer viruses is due to be sentenced at Southwark Crown Court next Tuesday.
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Freeserve abandons plan to change name to Wanadoo

Freeserve has shelved plans to change it name to Wanadoo.

Disk storage sales carry on slumping

With "just say no" the dictum for storage buying, IDC has estimated that total worldwide spending on external disk storage systems slumped to $13.3bn last year, down 24% on 2001.
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US e-gov spending to soar

President George Bush signed the US E-Government Act of 2002 into law on Tuesday, potentially helping unlock Federal spending that could amount to $5bn a year by 2007. In a statement, Bush said the act is designed to set "strong leadership" of the government's information technology activities, including a comprehensive …
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US IT sales to hit $500bn in 2003

Hardware sales will increase by just over 2% annually between 2002 and 2006, the latest Aberdeen Group market forecast has proposed, with the expectation that in the same time frame IT services take up will show a 5% growth clip eclipsed only by software sales, which will see an 8.3% annual rate of compound growth. The …
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Friendly fire – Product Activation zaps new XP Plus! pack

Microsoft latest add-on for Windows XP, Plus! Digital Media Edition, has fallen foul of Windows Product Activation. Numerous purchasers are finding it impossible to install, and are being confronted by the comforting message "Plus! Digital Media Edition uses Microsoft Product Activation to help prevent software piracy. Please have an administrator run Plus! Digital Media Edition on this machine and go through the Microsoft Plus! Product Activation Wizard. Once that is complete, you will be able to run Plus! Digital Media Edition normally."