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Is the RIAA "hacking you back"?

The RIAA is preparing to infect MP3 files in order to audit and eventually disable file swapping, according to a startling claim by hacker group Gobbles. In a posting to the Bugtraq mailing list, Gobbles himself claims to have offered his code to the RIAA, creating a monitoring "hydra".
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Jan 2003

IBM Lotus to rename products in 2003

ComputerWire, 14 Jan 2003

Vodafone seeks 100% control of three European units

Vodafone Group Plc is taking advantage of the current low stock market value of wireless carriers with the announcement of negotiations for a €2bn offer to buy out minority shareholders in three of its European units.
ComputerWire, 14 Jan 2003

EMC pencils Feb for Symmetrix upgrade

EMC Corp will shore up sliding sales of its high-end Symmetrix storage array next month when it will unveil a much-needed revamp to the device, which is being delivered anything up to a year later than originally planned.
ComputerWire, 14 Jan 2003

UK culture minister attacks videogames

Culture minister Kim Howells has followed up his controversial comments last week on rap music by launching a broadside against film, television and videogames in the pages of the Independent newspaper.
gamesindustry.biz, 14 Jan 2003

Why I should have the right to kill a malicious process on your machine

Opinion Opinion A lot has happened since my Right to Defend column in SecurityFocus Onlinr last July, and the subsequent presentation I made at the Blackhat Security Briefings in Las Vegas. The idea has withstood a lot of criticism.
Tim Mullen, 14 Jan 2003

Microsoft settles $1.1bn California class actions

Microsoft Corp and lawyers representing Californian businesses and consumers have announced that they have reached a settlement valued at $1.1bn in a series of class action lawsuits alleging that Microsoft violated California's antitrust and competition laws, writes Matthew Aslett.
ComputerWire, 14 Jan 2003

Palm draws up plans for Graffiti 2

Palm Inc has sought to side-step further legal run-ins with Xerox Corp over its PDA handwriting technology by licensing another company's handwriting recognition software.
ComputerWire, 14 Jan 2003

DoCoMo eyes European link-up

NTT DoCoMo is predicting major consolidation in the European mobile market and may seek to join forces with one of the survivors, according to reports.
ElectricNews.net, 14 Jan 2003

Lions financed by Donkeys: US wireless gurus battle ghosts of VC past

General Ludendorff, a German commander in the First World War, famously contrasted the bravery of the British troops with the stupidity of their leaders as "lions led by donkeys"[*].
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Jan 2003

BT caps biz phone calls at 10p

BT is capping the cost of phone calls for businesses as part of a move to overhaul call tariffs.
Tim Richardson, 14 Jan 2003

Wanadoo eyes ‘profitable performance’ for 2003

Wanadoo - a subsidiary of France Telecom - is on target to register a profit next year, Europe's second largest ISP reported today.
Tim Richardson, 14 Jan 2003

MandrakeSoft mulls Chapter 11 style escape, says email

MandrakeSoft is looking at a Chapter 11-style bankruptcy, to solve its financial difficulties, according to a leaked email from one of its executives. The executive has declined to be interviewed by The Register.
Bruce Tober, 14 Jan 2003

College girl's breasts provoke stiff competition

There have been two direct results of our recent piece on "college girl" Michel's appeal for cash to finance an enhanced set of tatas.
Lester Haines, 14 Jan 2003

Alcatel in return to health shocker

Alcatel's results have rebounded with strong quarterly sales figures.
John Leyden, 14 Jan 2003

BBC in ironic virus infection

The BBC fell victim to the latest variant of the ExploreZip worm, and a certain amount of hubris, last week.
John Leyden, 14 Jan 2003

Want to know the ten most critical web app vulnerabilities?

An open source security group has put together a helpful list of the ten most critical web application security vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 14 Jan 2003

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