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Unions call for workplace snooping clarification

The TUC is calling for clear guidelines to halt prevent employers snooping without reason on their staff.

IBM launches supercomputing on demand

IBM Corp's Server Group and Global Services organizations have got together to launch the first true utility computing offering for server customers from Big Blue, writes Timothy Prickett Morgan. The supercomputing on demand offering is the first in what will likely be a flood of similar announcements for just about every kind of workload and customer.

Sun repositions first plank in N1 strategy

Sun Microsystems will today detail the first fruit from last year's acquisition of start-up Pirus Networks Inc, in the form of a storage virtualization engine which will represent the first phase of what Sun has grandly called its N1 network initiative.
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Microsoft adds security layers to ISA Server

Microsoft Corp will start to foster use of two-factor user-authentication and application-layer firewall defenses with the Feature Pack 1 upgrade to its Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 firewall and web-caching server, intended to strengthen security across Microsoft Exchange Server email and Internet Information Services (IIS) web server deployments.
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Motorola expects good year for handsets

Motorola Inc, the world's second largest mobile handset manufacturer, is predicting a turnaround in the fortunes of handset makers in 2003, after two years of misery.
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Members rally round Liberty Alliance

More than half of Liberty Alliance Group members will implement version 1.1 of the organization's specifications for federated network identity within the next 12 months.

France Telecom bail-out faces EC probe

The European Commission has been forced to launch a formal investigation into whether the French government's €9bn ($9.3bn) assistance to France Telecom SA breaches regulations that ban state aid.
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Nvidia targets Mac games users

Nvidia is muscling its way onto the packaging of a significant number of games for the Mac platform. Unlike the array of PC publishers and developers - who must be wooed individually – the Mac gaming software community is close-knit and means that Nvidia's “The Way It's Meant to Be Played” logo will get a lot of exposure.
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Eclipse cuts broadband costs

Exeter-based ISP Eclipse Internet has cut the cost of hooking up to broadband.
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MS, Intel talk up portable video players

Microsoft and Intel have devised a PC-centric reference platform for portable video players.
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UK racks up record games sales

The UK registered a bumper year for the sale of video games and consoles in 2002, according to industry figures published today.
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The return of the celebrity virus

A worm written in apparent tribute to Canadian singer/skater chick Avril Lavigne is spreading across the Net today.
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MS bids for lucrative wristwatch, fridge magnet markets

Bill Gates yesterday announced the Microsoft watch, possibly causing a certain amount of look and feel inconvenience to one columnist friend of ours. But we're sure Mary-Jo will be filing the suit already, so we'll move on.
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MoD ‘spams’ firms ahead of Iraq call-up

If you've received an email from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) concerning the mobilisation of volunteer reserve forces ahead of any possible conflict in Iraq - don't panic.
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Wanadoo mum on redundancy fears

Freeserve - one of the UK's leading ISPs - says it has "no plans for any redundancies".
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Vodafone, DT tussle for O2 Netherlands – report

Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom are poring over the accounts of O2 Netherlands, with a view to buying the mobile phone network, according to a Dutch financial newspaper.
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MS dumps .NET tag in latest Windows Server name change

In a desperate - but, as it happens, successful - attempt to get The Register to write about its latest name change to .NET Server, Microsoft has made it a secret. Until today, anyway. The company has released the information, together with an explanatory backgrounder, to its partners under NDA, thus drawing our attention to an otherwise eminently binnable announcement.