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SGI finds 2,048 uses for an Itanic

If anyone can find a use for an Itanium chip, it ought to be SGI. Although the processor remains stillborn as a commercial computing proposition, the benchmarks are impressive and improving, and SGI's technical computing customers typically need a much smaller working set of software to get their work done.
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Dixons chokes on Christmas turkey

Shares in Dixons slumped in early morning trading after the high street electrical retailer revealed it had experienced a very unhappy Christmas.

StorageTek numbers boost prospects for storage recovery

Storage Technology Corp has joined EMC Corp and McData Corp in announcing preliminary fourth quarter results that are significantly better than expected, marking another indication that the fourth quarter may turn out to have been better than expected across the storage sector.
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Cisco recruits IBM for storage attack

Cisco Systems Inc is about to begin its assault on the turf currently dominated by McData Corp and Brocade Communications Systems Inc, and has at last recruited IBM as the first vitally-needed ally to resell the SAN switches and directors it first unveiled last summer.

Cray preps X1 succesor

Cray Inc may have only recently released its flagship X1 supercomputer, but it is already making plans to follow it up with a machine that currently goes under the codename "Black Widow".
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Sage begins European expansion with Concept buy

Accountancy software vendor Sage Group Plc has paid 4.7m pounds ($7.5m) for Paris, France-based Concept Group, which supplies treasury, cash management and financial consolidation applications for small and medium-sized businesses.
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Start-up marries blogs and camera phones

A Dublin-based start-up is to offer software to mobile operators that will enable mobile phone users to create and maintain Weblogs or "blogs" using only their phones.
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Ireland set for flat-rate Net by June

Flat-rate Internet should become a reality in Ireland by the end of June, after ComReg said it would force Eircom to sell the service to other telecoms.
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Vodafone throttled for throat sweet stunt

A toddler from Essex nearly choked after swallowing a lozenge included in a Vodafone mailshot.
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I am Centrino™, son of Banias

LogoWatch LogoWatch Well, it's official - Intel has formally announced that as of right now Centrino™ mobile technology is the new brand name for its forthcoming wireless mobile computing technology. Lovely. For the record, the technologies represented by the Centrino brand will include a microprocessor (formerly code-named "Banias"), …
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Department of Homeland Security cast in privacy role

The Bush administration has pared back the number of government initiatives on computer security in revised plans that give more responsibility the newly created Department of Homeland Security.
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Mandrake 9.0: It takes two, baby

Review Review The first thing I noticed about Mandrake 9.0 Linux is that the goofy cross-eyed penguin is gone. Mandrake is pointing itself in a more sophisticated direction - it's not drab like Red Hat, but elegant and inviting. It looks expensive.

Misleading anti-Sun ad lands HP reseller in hot water

Lancashire-based HP reseller PSL has earned itself a rap on the knuckles by advertising watchdogs for a direct mailing campaign rubbishing Sun Microsystems' products, strategy and business.
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College girl's breasts in your hands

Those readers who still have a bit of Xmas charity in their wallets might like to consider the heartbreaking appeal of college girl Michel, a lady very much in need of a new-year boost.
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Workers revolt at Time

Time Computers has strongly rejected a list of grievances made by a group of call centre staff critical of the company's pay and working conditions.
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NTT Docomo slashes 3G capex

NTT Docomo is taking an axe to capital expenditure in 2003, following disappointing take-up of its FOMA 3G service.
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Americans give thumbs up to biometrics

Most Americans are willing to accept increased use of biometric technologies by private sector firms, providing proper privacy safeguards are applied.
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UK school plans retinal scans in the dinner queue

Retinal scans are to be used by a Sunderland school to identify pupils.
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AMD, IBM pool chipmaking development

AMD and IBM are teaming up to develop chipmaking processes for use in new high-performance processors.