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PeopleSoft rolls out more v.8.8 apps

Version 8.8 module roll-out continues at enterprise business application vendor PeopleSoft Inc with the release of a number of updated human capital management products.
ComputerWire, 07 Jan 2003

McData hikes guidance – hugely

McData Corp has revised its fourth quarter guidance to show a whopping 31% sequential growth, contrasting starkly with the hefty sales slump expected by its arch-rival Brocade Communications Systems.
ComputerWire, 07 Jan 2003

Vodafone says no plan to sell Verizon stake

Vodafone Group Plc has denied reports that it intends to sell its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless, its US joint venture with Verizon Communications, after speculation it was looking to offload its stake in order to fund a bid for a rival US mobile operator.
ComputerWire, 07 Jan 2003

AT&T chops 3,500 staff, turns to Covad for DSL

AT&T Corp plans to lay off 3,500 staff, just under 5% of its workforce, in a move that will lead to a $240m restructuring charge in its fourth quarter. More than half the job cuts are in management, and AT&T said the move is the result of "improved processes and automation" in the provisioning and maintenance of services for business customers.
ComputerWire, 07 Jan 2003

Network Solutions Inc returns from the dead

Network Solutions Inc returned from the dead yesterday, as VeriSign Inc announced it has created a subsidiary named after the domain name company it bought in 2000, writes Kevin Murphy.
ComputerWire, 07 Jan 2003

ICANN mulls over Verisign land grab

A service for resolving so-called internationalized domain names (IDNs) introduced by VeriSign Inc last Firday has drawn the attention of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which has certain powers over the internet's domain name system.
ComputerWire, 07 Jan 2003

San Francisco bans Segways on sidewalks, bike paths

Last Monday (Dec 16) San Francisco civic leaders voted 8-2 to bar the use of Segways on footways and cyclepaths.
Carlton Reid, 07 Jan 2003

Intel Masters games tourney is ‘shambles’

Intel's sponsorship of a games tournament at London's Science Museum last Saturday ended in farce and frustration for participants and spectators alike.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Will this notebook survive if I jump up and down on it?

Computer hardware testing is certainly not for wimps in the Czech Republic, land of Semtex and some the best beers in the world.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

RIAA invites comments

According to an official statement issued by the Recording Industry Association of America today, "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner … do you eat cheese?"
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jan 2003

Compromise fends off PNC Telecom collapse

PNC Telecom, the owner of the KJC mobile telecom retail chain, staved off collapse today after striking a "compromise" deal with a major shareholder.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

Taiwan flocks to MS Smartphone standard

It being Christmas and nothing much going on the US and Europe, especially Europe, thoughts of Western tech news sites turn to round-ups of 2002, forecasts for 2003, and wholesale lifting from Asian news sources.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

All your Cubase are belong to US

Following the acquisition of Emagic by Apple earlier this year, US-based Pinnacle Systems has acquired Steinberg Media Technologies in a deal worth $24 million. Pinnacle was founded in 1986, has its headquarters in Mountain View, California and specializes in high-end video software and hardware. Steinberg is its third German acquisition in the last two years: it acquired a Dortmund-based company VOB Computersysteme, which produces DVD writing software in October, and video editing company FAST Multimedia, which operates out of Munich, last year.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jan 2003

Hutchison 3G signs The Link

Hutchison 3G has bagged The Link, Dixons Stores Group's mobile phone chain, as a reseller for its 3 -brand handsets and services. Some Dixons stores will also carry the line.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

UK's corporate Web sites ‘wallowing in mediocrity’

The Web sites of the UK's leading 100 companies are "wallowing in mediocrity", according to a survey by Interactive Bureau.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2003

DVD Jon is free – official

The entertainment lobby has failed to persuade a Norwegian court to convict a teenager for creating a utility for playing back DVDs on his own computer.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Net porn policeman jailed for 18 months

A Chester policeman found guilty of possessing child pornography of "the vilest possible nature" blamed media coverage for sparking his addiction to the material.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

Microsoft preps software for CDMA handsets

Microsoft is launching new software for CDMA wireless handsets, in a move that is likely to fuel its dispute with Sendo.
ElectricNews.net, 07 Jan 2003

Liberty Broadband goes tits up

Around a dozen jobs could go at Liberty Broadband - formerly known as Tele2 UK - after liquidators were called into the company just before Christmas.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2003

UK job cuts as HP outsources support to India

HP is to transfer accounting support functions currently conducted by former Compaq staff to India, with the loss of 20 UK jobs.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Virgin.net, Demon, etc, cut broadband fees

Virgin.net has become the latest ISP to pass on a price cut for the activation of its ADSL service.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2003

MS to license Media Player 9 for Linux, others?

Microsoft will today announce cheaper, more flexible terms for its Windows Media Player 9 Digital Rights Management software, according to a Reuters report, and allegedly, this will allow the development of Linux WMP 9 clients, among others. Provided Linux developers promise not to steal our stuff, VP for new media platforms Will Poole told Reuters (although we concede, not in quite those words).
John Lettice, 07 Jan 2003

Living with Red Hat 8 as a productivity client

I finally bit the bullet and switched the Thinkpad over to Linux the day after Judge CKK delivered her verdict. It'd be nice to able to say I did this as some kind of personal protest, but it wouldn't be true - I'd spent several months prevaricating, then several days feverishly preparing, and if she hadn't announced the ETA of the decision on the Friday morning, I'd have had the machine in bits on Friday evening, rather than on Saturday morning.
John Lettice, 07 Jan 2003

Telewest to charge for tech support

Telewest broadband punters are spitting feathers after discovering that the cableco is to start charging for customer support.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2003

Shell recovers slip after spilling applicants' details

Shell has fixed a security hole on its recruitment Web site that left confidential private information of potential applications files open to world+dog.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

In computer disease, there is no Edward Jenner

Medical science's eradication of smallpox was easy compared to the Internet's efforts against nasty computer viruses. Here's why.
George Smith, 07 Jan 2003

California disclosure law has national reach

A new California law requiring companies to notify their customers of computer security breaches applies to any online business that counts Californians as customers, even if the company isn't based in the Golden State.
Kevin Poulsen, 07 Jan 2003

Nintendo updates GBA

Nintendo today announced the new Game Boy Advance SP. Much as sources have been speculating over the last few months, the GBA SP boasts an updated clamshell design, improved backlighting, rechargeable batteries and a folded size of three inches square and one inch thick.
gamesindustry.biz, 07 Jan 2003

IBM outsources eServer xSeries production

IBM is hollowing out its manufacturing arm, with a huge transfer of server parts, places and, people to Sanmina-SCI.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

DVLA fails in reverse domain name hijack

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the government body responsible for administering and issuing driving licences in the UK, has been heavily censured in a rejection of its bid to acquire the domain DVLA.com.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Hotmail, Yahoo! erect roadblocks for spam sign-ons

Spam fighters have come up with an idea to frustrate the automatic creation of email accounts often used to send spam.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Coming to a PC near you soon: Spamwars

Spam was most biggest, nay the most over-hyped, security story in 2002.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

The Briscoe Syndrome

Fear of terrorism and a desire to cooperate with law enforcement has lead many corporate insiders to pony up sensitive information on their customers to anyone with a badge... with no court order required, Mark Rasch writes.
Mark Rasch, 07 Jan 2003

Mitnick wins ham radio license fight

Former computer hacker Kevin Mitnick has won his right to renew his ham radio license.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

2003: the year of Asian Linux

As most regular NewsForge readers know, I recently traveled to Amman, Jordan to advocate Linux and Open Source use there. This Spring I'll probably be doing the same thing in Mexico. And there are many other Open Source and Free Software advocates, most of them more effective and eloquent then I'll ever be, busily speaking at conferences and workshops all over the world. All these words are having a positive effect. Linux and Open Source are becoming better known and more popular than ever. But where are they the most popular? And where are they likely to see the most growth in 2003?
Robin Miller, 07 Jan 2003

Swingeing fines imposed on Dutch mobile networks

The Netherlands anti-trust regulator, the NMa, has imposed whopping fines on the country's five mobile network operators, for agreeing collectively to cut handset subsidies.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

UK gets 802.11g

Wireless LAN equipment which offers theoretical speeds of upto 54Mbps in existing 2.4GHz frequency range are launched this week by D-Link and Buffalo Technologies.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Unhappy new Yaha

A new version of the Yaha mass mailing email worm has been released, ready to trip up the unwary on their return to work next week.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Hynix rescued for third time (to the tune of $4bn)

Is there no end to the munificence of Hynix debt-holders? Mostly Korean banks, the Hynix lenders have saved the DRAM maker's bacon for the third time. In two years.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

US investors sue C&W over secret £1.5bn liability

Cable & Wireless received a late Christmas present yesterday in the form of a class action suit from angry US investors.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

Windows comes to Nynorsk

You know that your language group has really arrived when Microsoft agrees to write a version of Office for your very own tongue.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

Spitzer's “cure” doesn't fix Wall Street pestilence

LettersThe recommended method for using a Roach Motel - the sticky coated cardboard bait - is to wait until the 'house' is full of the critters, at which point you stamp really hard on it with both feet.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jan 2003

Disgraced Cisco exec gets five years jail

Disgraced former Cisco Systems executive Robert Gordon will spend next Christmas behind bars after receiving a five-and-a-half year sentence last week for fraud and insider dealing.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Greece, Denmark (and no-one else) make EC copyright deadline

The deadline for implementing new European laws on copyright protection passed on Sunday (December 22) with just two countries signing up.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2003

Hynix slams Micron ‘double talk’

The words 'Hynix' and 'beleaguered' are joined at the hip, lately. The Korean DRAM maker maybe down, but it's certainly not out. Today Hynix has come out fighting against Micron, former suitor and current tormentor, which is urging US regulators to slap punitive duties on its Korean rival.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

Sendo sues Microsoft over ‘secret plan’

Sendo today confirmed that it has filed a suit against Microsoft in a US federal suit, accusing the software giant of stealing its technology and customers.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jan 2003

Apple reopens browser wars with Safari

Our Jagwyre review last August lamented how the poor browsing experience negated many of the improvements in OS X:-
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jan 2003

PowerBook family grows, top and bottom

Apple shareholders who might be dismayed by Merrill Lynch's "sell" evaluation today can take heart from the broker's distinguished track record.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jan 2003

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