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HTC, T-Mobile to launch Orange-like MS smartphone

High Tech Computer Corp (HTC) is prepping its second Windows Powered Smartphone 2002-based handset.
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VeriSign Registry Service opens door for DNS redirects

VeriSign Inc on Friday announced how it intends to help overseas internet users access web sites in their own languages, but the system it introduced marks an unprecedented change to the domain name system that has some concerned, Kevin Murphy.

Network-1 runs out of cash, seeks buyer

Network-1 Security Solutions Inc, the Nasdaq-listed firewall vendor, said last week it is seeking a buyer for the company and for its CyberwallPLUS distributed firewall product line, as it rapidly runs out of cash to continue operations.
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Kiwis redesign the ‘Back’ button

The highly used "back" button on common browsers has been redesigned in a move that could make navigating the Web more efficient.

Linux can do hot backups on Oracle now

http://www.newsforge.com/"> Data backups are essential in the enterprise - not just a good idea. STORserver has an interesting backup appliance that installs in fifteen minutes, they say. Now, they're releasing a product that will allow companies to run "hot" backups on Oracle databases, in Linux. It is called SDP - STORserver Data Protection.
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Microsoft's masterplan to screw phone partner – full details

If Microsoft's extended family of lawyers was thinking it could now kick back and anticipate a kind of extended Spring Break for the rest of this Bush administration, the pre-Xmas filing by British phone company Sendo could yet be the cause of a few unexpected late nights.
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Twelfth Night brings ADSL respite

Some ADSL users should see an improvement to their broadband service today - as long as they remembered to take down their Christmas decorations on Twelfth Night.
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Why Wall Street's tech swindlers don't go to jail

Letters In one of many very funny moments in Bowling For Columbine, Michael Moore's film about fear, Moore asks the producer of Fox TV's tacky Cops show (the one where cameras follow the police as they go around arresting black people) how he might make a show about white collar crime televisually appealing.
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Which? ditches Web Trader scheme

The Consumers' Association is to ditch its Which? Web Trader scheme at the end of the month because it costs too much to run.
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MS must ship Sun's Java – Judge

Sun has won a preliminary injunction in its private antitrust case against Microsoft, requiring the monopolist to carry Sun's Java and not Redmond's feral version.
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XP audio vuln shout goes out

XP users were warned last week of a critical buffer overflow flaw in Windows Shell that can be used to run arbitrary code on victims' PCs.
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Appeals Court overturns VIA-Intel antitrust ruling

The Court of Appeal has paved the way for VIA to conduct an anti-trust case against Intel in England.
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Council workers face Lego email probe

Staff at Flintshire County Council are facing disciplinary action after allegations that they abused the local authority's email system.
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Watch out! There's a chatroom paedophile about

The Home Office today announced a £1m advertising campaign to warn children and their parents of the dangers of chat-room paedophiles, "without demonising the Internet".
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NTL in alleged hack probe

NTL has launched an internal investigation following allegations that a Web site critical of the company was hacked by someone from within the cableco.
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Hackers take on MS on copyright protection for eBooks

Irked at his inability to read Microsoft eBooks on his older Win CE device, UK programmer Dan Jackson has set up a project to improve file conversion tools.
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Flood warning site swamped by demand

Things are beginning to return to normal after the Environment Agency's flood warning Web site was swamped with demand last week.