3rd January 2003 Archive

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  • IBM wins $5bn JP Morgan outsourcing deal

    Staff transfers etc.

    Business 03 10:15

  • Lawyers make killing in .biz lottery class action

    Pay Day

    Media 03 10:15

  • Former Mercury CEO tipped as next C&W boss

    Clean hands

    Business 03 10:16

  • ISPs vie for Hughes DSL customers

    160K US subscribers up for grabs

    Broadband 03 10:16

  • IBM goes Lego with Ice Cube storage, server prototypes

    Live and Let Die

    Broadband 03 10:17

  • US military medical records stolen in burglary

    Private records on parade

    Security 03 14:44

  • Hundreds of BT ADSL punters axed by mistake


    Broadband 03 20:10

  • Student held on DirecTV cracking charges

    Tough economic espionage laws invoked

    Security 03 20:12