30th December 2002 Archive

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  • Alienware comes to Europe

    Fast PCs for gamers

    Personal 30 12:46

  • EU tells HP et al to scrap inkjet ‘clever chips’

    Recycling law could torpedo refill revenues

    Personal 30 12:46

  • ISPs welcome UK Net libel review

    Not judge and jury

    Media 30 12:46

  • Orange rolls out of Swedish 3G race

    Blinks first

    Mobile 30 12:47

  • Highberry fails to force Colt into administration

    'Shaky, tentative and speculative'

    Business 30 12:47

  • RIAA nominated for Internet Villain award

    In good company

    Media 30 12:48

  • Microsoft plots Macromedia coup against Java

    Flash for Masters of the Universe

    Software 30 12:48

  • Sun confirms commitment to InfiniBand

    Which is nice

    Servers 30 12:49

  • NAF ruling escapes UK court scrutiny

    Internetters takes cheaper route

    Media 30 14:42