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Alienware comes to Europe

Alienware, the niche American PC builder, has landed in Europe. The company, best known for what it dubs "Ultimate Gaming Machines" has set up European HQ, incorporating call centre ops and assembly in Athlone, Ireland. And it is touting for direct business in the UK, through its online site www.alienware.co.uk. ®
Drew Cullen, 30 Dec 2002

EU tells HP et al to scrap inkjet ‘clever chips’

Prices of printer cartridges look set to drop thanks to a new EU law that will ban printer firms from forcing consumers to buy their own-brand refills. The European Parliament voted unanimously on Wednesday in favour of a new EU "electroscrap" recycling law, which includes a ruling directing manufacturers of printers to no longer incorporate chips into their own-brand ink refill cartridges. These chips prevent cartridges produced by other manufacturers from being used in many printers.
ElectricNews.net, 30 Dec 2002

ISPs welcome UK Net libel review

The UK Internet industry has welcomed a report by the Law Commission examining defamation and the Internet
Tim Richardson, 30 Dec 2002

Orange rolls out of Swedish 3G race

ComputerWire, 30 Dec 2002

Highberry fails to force Colt into administration

ComputerWire, 30 Dec 2002

RIAA nominated for Internet Villain award

Oftel, the Home office and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) are among this year's shortlist for the Internet Villain Award being dished out by the UK's Net industry.
Tim Richardson, 30 Dec 2002

Microsoft plots Macromedia coup against Java

ComputerWire, 30 Dec 2002

Sun confirms commitment to InfiniBand

Sun Microsystems Inc has maintained its commitment to the InfiniBand switch fabric architecture, breathing new life into a technology that at one stage this year looked destined to be forgotten.
ComputerWire, 30 Dec 2002

NAF ruling escapes UK court scrutiny

What was to been the first challenge a domain name arbitration ruling by ICANN in the UK courts has ended up in an out of court settlement.
John Leyden, 30 Dec 2002

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