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SIA calls on China to dismantle chip VAT rules

The Semiconductor Industry Association has called on Beijing to scrap a VAT rebate system it claims favors Chinese chip makers. The SIA, in annual comments for the 2003 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, said that Beijing applied a 17% value added tax on sales of imported and domestically produce …
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ITC finds evidence of Korean DRAM subsidies

Micron Technology Inc won another victory in its efforts to prove that Korean DRAM vendors have received unfair support from their government when the US International Trade Commission delivered its preliminary ruling on the case last Friday. In a statement, the ITC said it had determined that "there is a reasonable …
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IDC predicts strong security app sales

Market forecasts made by researchers with International Data Corp suggest that integrated hardware appliances will next year become the primary purchase target for enterprises buying security software. The firewall/virtual private network (VPN) security appliance market maintained a healthy growth rate of 34% from 2000 to …
Broken CD with wrench

Sun says Big Iron still matters as it pushes N1

When the companies that sell and support low-end servers and operating system platforms that really only scale well on commercial workloads to four or eight processors (the latter if you are lucky) talk about the future, they talk about clustering, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. All of the major server and OS vendors have …
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The balloon goes up on 300km Wi-Fi

The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) believes it has broken the record for successful broadband wireless data transfer. Using equipment supplied by Tel-Aviv, Israel-based Alvarion Ltd, the SSC, a state-owned, commercial company with about 300 employees in Solna and Kiruna, created the link between a stratospheric balloon …
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Vodafone Sweden stops wriggling on 3G hook

Vodafone will not appeal the ruling of the Swedish telco regulator, the PTS, that it must stick to the December 2003 deadline of rolling out 3G coverage across the country, newswires report.
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New Netscape kills pop-ups

AOL Time Warner has released a new version of Netscape that allows users to suppress pop-up ads, one of the most hated ad formats.
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Still time to win a shirt from Register ISP

There's still plenty of time to win a Reg t-shirt with VCISP.NET, the Register's very own ISP.

Grid computing from Sun

Sun's open source Grid Engine software currently runs over 7000 grids with an average of 47 CPUs per grid, and a steadily increasing percentage of the grids it powers run Linux, according to John Tollefsrud, Sun's Grid marketing manager.
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Apple sues PowerMac Web leaker

Apple can't take its own medicine Monday 16th December 2002 by Two
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Home user insecurity spurs email virus growth in 2002

The ratio of viruses to legitimate emails has increased over the course of this year.

LINX traffic tops 20Gbps

Britain is now more connected to Europe than ever - when it comes Internet connectivity.
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Jury scrutinises DMCA in ElcomSoft case

The jury are continuing their deliberations today in the closely watched criminal prosecution of Russian software firm ElcomSoft for offences against the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
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Missing RIAA figures shoot down “piracy” canard

Research by George Zieman gives the true reason for falling CD sales: the major labels have slashed production by 25 per cent in the past two years, he argues.

Crusoe blade strikes 1Ghz, fries Banias?

It's plowing a lonely furrow, but Texas-based blade pioneer RLXcontinues to champion ultra high density boxes that put rivals to shame in the power stakes.