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Microsoft in spotlight over Borland swoop

ComputerWire, 13 Dec 2002

Borland: Q2 03 for TogetherSoft, StarBase integration

ComputerWire, 13 Dec 2002

VeriSign exits UK domain retail biz

ComputerWire, 13 Dec 2002

CodeWeavers targets Citrix with CrossOver Server Edition

ComputerWire, 13 Dec 2002

Psion says trading meets forecasts

Trading is in line with management expectations at Psion, with the company stressing that it has cash resources "more than sufficient to support investment in both Symbian and organic development at Psion Teklogix".
Drew Cullen, 13 Dec 2002

BTw in new year ADSL promo

BT Wholesale is offering ISPs half price broadband connections as part of a limited promotion early next year.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2002

Peapod bought out of administration

IT consultancy/distie Peapod announced today that it has been bought out of administration by Communication Technology Investment Ltd (CTIL). Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2002

Bulldog offers 2Mbps broadband for punters

Bulldog Communications has unveiled an unbundled 2Mbps ADSL service aimed at home users. Available to some 400,000 punters in central London, the Primetime 2000 service costs £39.99 a month.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2002

Hutchison 3G signs phones 4u

Hutchison 3G is getting the UK distribution ball rolling before launch, bagging major retailer phones 4 U as a supplier for its 3 mobile network. Last week Hutch signed up Carphone Warehouse.
Drew Cullen, 13 Dec 2002

E-fraud costs retailers millions

Internet fraud will cost US on-line retailers $500 million this Christmas, as fraudsters devise more sophisticated scams to obtain credit card information.
ElectricNews.net, 13 Dec 2002

Yes, I am that West Saharan grandmother

LettersNo over-riding theme in this postbag, just emails that took our fancy.
Drew Cullen, 13 Dec 2002

MS staffer accused of $9m software for Ferraris scam

The Microsoft store, theoretically an employee-only operation, is a fabled source of improbably cheap goodies, small-time scams and handy licensing loopholes - but $9 million worth of software? For just one employee? Over nearly a year?
John Lettice, 13 Dec 2002

Cobalt security patch creates new holes

A security-hardening patch for Sun Cobalt appliances causes more problems than it solves, the company admits.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2002

120 jobs could go at Kingston as Tiscali pulls contract

120 people could lose their jobs after Tiscali UK ditched an outsourcing deal with call centre operation Kingston Incontact (KI).
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2002

T-Mobile withdraws Nokia 7210

T-Mobile has withdrawn Nokia's 7210 from sale just days after beginning sales of the much anticipated picture-messaging handset.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2002

Senate Closes Accidental Anonymizer

Never let it be said that the United States Senate has done nothing for Internet privacy.
Kevin Poulsen, 13 Dec 2002

Telco kit sales get slumpier in 2003 – Alcatel

ComputerWire, 13 Dec 2002

EDS seals $4.5bn gig with Bank of America

ComputerWire, 13 Dec 2002

Big chem deploys DMCA to takedown parody site

My, how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the DMCA, is turning out to be a fine and flexible friend. It extends across continents. It reaches into computers in Norway and Russia, which when we last looked, were sovereign nations and not US States.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Dec 2002

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