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Trend Micro squashes buffer overflow bug

Trend Micro has issued a fix to address buffer overflow vulnerabilities within popular versions of its anti-virus software packages.
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BTo tops complaints league

Oftel receives by far and away more complaints about BTopenworld than any other ISP, according to the latest stats from telecoms regulator Oftel.
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All bugs are created equal

Security tools vendor ISS has promised to handle security vulnerabilities affecting open source and Windows platforms the same way following criticism of its premature disclosure of open source security problems.
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Fire guts Edinburgh's AI library

Staff and students at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh are trying to come to terms with a fire which ripped through one of its buildings, destroying 40 years of work housed in its library.
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'From Java to C#: A Developer's Guide' at 30 per cent off

Learning a new programming language can be intimidating, especially if you need to get up and running with it quickly. If you are a current Java developer who needs to learn C#, From Java to C#: A Developer's Guide will help you make the transition. The guide enables you to use your existing knowledge of object-oriented concepts to learn C# quickly and efficiently. This book is available to Register visitors to IT-minds.com at an affordable £22.39 - a saving of 30 per cent.
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China floors pedal in DSL race

Take-up of DSL in China is faster than any other country, according to the latest analysis from Point Topic.

EMC hops up NAS box

EMC Corp has finally replaced the weakest link in its NAS line-up, swapping out its unpopular IP4700 device for a much beefier machine which combines the Dart operating system from the company's high-end Celerra NAS gateway, and the latest generation of EMC's mid-range Clariion storage array. According to typical industry …

HP to launch iSCSI hardware in Q1

Hewlett Packard Co is poised to plunge into the iSCSI market early next year, by launching a low-end combined NAS and iSCSI storage array - echoing Dell's plans in the same area - and a high-end iSCSI switch that will probably be OEMed from Cisco Systems Inc, writes Tim Stammers. Coming from the largest single supplier of …
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Palmsource in China

PalmSource Inc has launched a major offensive on the Chinese-language PDA market with the announcement of two local licensees, a new system development partner and other initiatives designed to raise its profile in the relatively Palm-free country. New Palm OS licensees include Legend Group Ltd, China's top PC manufacturer …

IBM backs royalty free approach on Web Services choreography

IBM signaled a partial stand-down in an emerging cold war over royalties for web services yesterday, saying it would not seek payment for its contributions to BPEL4WS, writes Gavin Clarke. IBM's director of e-business standards Bob Sutor told a web services conference in San Francisco, California, he believes IBM will …
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Interland buysTrellix

Interland Inc, one of the US's largest small business web hosts, yesterday announced the acquisition of Trellix Corp, which offers web building tools to SMEs, writes Kevin Murphy. The deal gives Interland some tools to better compete with Yahoo! Inc, which is eyeing the market, and gives it leverage on at least five rivals …
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Ran Mokady takes helm at Pogo

Pogo, the UK PDA maker, today rises from the ashes with a new CEO-cum-investor, a change of business model, and a slightly new name.
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MS talks smartphone -developer support follows ‘soon’

The Register's spies at a Microsoft "Smartphone Application Security" chat earlier this week give us the impression that the company might just have been caught a little flat-footed by the development/application signing issue. Because the answers to 'when' and 'how' currently seem to be, um, soon, but er, it'll be great.
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MS puts the squeeze on new Win2k PC preinstalls

Microsoft may have relented on switching off mainstream support for Windows 2000 next year, but that doesn't mean it isn't serious about pushing users away from the OS. According to Extremetech, PC manufacturers are to be barred from selling dual boot WinXP and Win2k systems from next year.
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Frugal Google aims to be catalog, e-commerce lynchpin

If there's any doubt that Google is compiling what could potentially be the world's most lucrative database, it should have been dispelled last night. Already the leading search engine, Google has signaled its intention to become a key e-commerce destination, too. Google has launched a beta of a shopping catalog service it calls Froogle. At this early stage, Froogle finds product information from retailers by name and price range.
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Mac fraud bust: the Inside Story

Police in Markham, Illinois charged a 38-year old man this afternoon on two counts of forgery
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Your Microsoft critical security patches tonight

Microsoft last night released three sets of security patches, the most important of which aims to address flaws in Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM) which it admits could enable system compromise.
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US! .gov! shuts Saddam! sprog! Yahoo! account!

Yahoo! Has shut down Saddam Hussein's son's email account following an intervention by the US government.
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Septic tank spam – the 419 de nos jours?

Anti-spam filtering outfit Brightmail has released a list of the ten most common spam messages assaulting users' in-boxes this year.
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Amazon.com, sodomy and the lash

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