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Darwinists don their Finking caps

Fink, the program that brings oodles of Linux software to Mac OS X, has been updated for Jaguar.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Dec 2002

Google debuts reputation, slideshow experiments

Two new toys from Google's "technology playground" make their debut today, the first new experiments since Google Labs opened their doors in May.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Dec 2002

Spammer gets junk mailed

A US bulk emailer is threatening legal action after so-called "anti-spammers" signed him up for lots of junk mail.
Tim Richardson, 11 Dec 2002

VeriSign goes Swiss as Web Services war brews

ComputerWire, 11 Dec 2002

nCipher teams up to secure Web Services

ComputerWire, 11 Dec 2002

Caribbean storm brews over C&W

ComputerWire, 11 Dec 2002

EDS issues profit warning on United bankruptcy

ComputerWire, 11 Dec 2002

HP comes clean in latest wave of storage benchmarks

The Storage Performance Council has posted another wave of benchmarks, including new results for hardware from IBM Corp and 3Pardata Inc, and a re-test by Hewlett Packard Co in response to criticism of what was diplomatically called the "real world applicability"of its previous results.
ComputerWire, 11 Dec 2002

VeriSign plans Web Services security gateway

ComputerWire, 11 Dec 2002

Web filters block health sites

A study from the US has shown that Internet filters designed to screen out pornography can end up blocking access to health information Web sites.
ElectricNews.net, 11 Dec 2002

More flexible software licences needed for Utility Computing

The basic ideas behind utility computing, also known as computing on demand, are very simple, writes Tony Lock. At the core can be found the concept that today's rapidly changing market conditions place a requirement that every organisation's IT infrastructure needs to be flexible in order to satisfy the fluctuating demands for service. In other words, IT must be able to support its users whatever the workload whilst still maintaining tight control over the cost of service delivered.
IT-Analysis, 11 Dec 2002

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