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Handspring's keyboard pledge, $99 phone

All future models from Handspring will feature a keyboard, the company told us last week as it took its latest GPRS software on the road.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Dec 2002

Extreme CPUs: 430 cores on a die

British start-up picoChip has announced an extreme processor with 430 16bit cores on a die, and is testing the first silicon.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Dec 2002

Office 11 tools up for .NET

ComputerWire, 10 Dec 2002

Peoplesoft upgrades CRM with 8.8

ComputerWire, 10 Dec 2002

Brocade blocks McData in court battle

ComputerWire, 10 Dec 2002

HP pencils Mid-2003 for Madison Superdome

ComputerWire, 10 Dec 2002

NetScreen turns to SafeWeb for SSL VPNs

ComputerWire, 10 Dec 2002

Hutchison 3G unveils prices, services

It's been a close shave, but Hutchison 3G has got the customer ball rolling in December, just like it said it would - in the revised launch schedule.
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2002

UK's 192 service opened up

The UK's directory enquiries (DQ) service has finally been deregulated opening up the service to competition. Punters now have the choice of phoning around ten different operators for help obtaining a phone number.
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2002

Hijacked? Fight over Poker.com URL

Poker.com Inc said its eponymous domain name was hijacked and traffic redirected to another business on December 6 in an act of "technological piracy".
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2002

AMD takes on Xeon space with Athlon 2400+MP

AMD today intro'd its fastest multiprocessor to date, the AMD Athlon MP 2400+. And it's a real live launch - 47 system builders worldwide are expected to show immediate availability for product incorporating the chip. In 1,000 unit quantities, it costs $228.
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2002

Aussie Net libel writ extends to world+dog

Australian entrepreneur, Joseph Gutnick, has won the right to have a defamation case against US online publisher Dow Jones heard in an Australian court.
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2002

Mydomain.com, NamesDirect.com felled by DOS Attack

Mydomain.com and NamesDirect.com are back on air, after recovering from a "HUGE" Denial of Service attack.
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2002

DeCSS show trial opens in Oslo

The trial of a Norwegian teen accused of developing a utility that enables people to illegally copy DVD movies opened in Oslo yesterday.
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2002

Fujitsu preps Symbian 3G smartphone

The first Symbian OS 3G smartphone is to start shipping to NTT DoCoMo. Made by Fujitsu the F2051 FOMA phone is also the first Symbian OS handset designed specifically for the Japanese market, incorporating a jointly developed "wholly new user interface" (what, the Japanese language?).
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2002

Hand back ITV Digital set tops. Or else!

The liquidators of failed digital TV outfit, ITV Digital, want customers to cough up £40 to keep their set top boxes (STB).
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2002

Nigerian 419 fraudster baiting – Olympic sport?

Those readers who agree with us at El Reg that Nigerian 419 fraudster baiting desrves recognition as an Olympic sport will find plenty to chuckle about at the The Graham Douglas Fraud Masterclass - a classic chronicle of Lagos-based scammers being led gently up the garden path to ridicule.
Lester Haines, 10 Dec 2002

Nokia in Q4 sales warning

European mobile telecom stocks dipped on Tuesday morning after Finnish bellwether Nokia said that fourth quarter sales may fall below expectations.
ElectricNews.net, 10 Dec 2002

Anti-Pirates – now they're coming for your kids

Forget the facts of life - parents now need to tell their kiddies about the facts of the Net and how pirating software could land them in trouble.
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2002

'I'm no hacker', Sklyarov tells US court

Dmitry Sklyarov, the Russian programmer at the centre of the first Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) prosecution, yesterday delivered his long-awaited testimony in the trial of his former employer, ElcomSoft.
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2002

Honduras bans Quake etc.

Honduras has issued a blanket ban on all violent videogames and toys, which is set to come into effect next June - giving retailers in the country a six month grace period to clear stocks of the games from their inventories. Among the banned games named are Resident Evil, Shadowman, Street Fighter, Turok, Perfect Dark, Quake and Doom.
gamesindustry.biz, 10 Dec 2002

Hi-tech crime threatens UK plc – survey

British companies consider sabotage of data or networks, virus attacks and financial fraud as a real threat to the future of their business.
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2002

CPW to run Pogo services

Carphone Warehouse is to take over the running of the online services of Pogo, the UK PDA maker from tomorrow. That at any rate is what CPW's Customer Services are telling Pogo customers who ask. The news has yet to percolate through to CPW's press office, which has promised to find out the score.
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2002

UK e-tailers offered cheaper CC processing

Independent e-commerce outfit Netshopper claims that its new Netpayments service will halve the costs of processing online debit and credit card sales.
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2002

MS fights Open Source with freebies – an eyewitness writes

LettersOne of Microsoft's special strengths is the speed and intensity with which the sales team (right the way up to Bill, for government and really big accounts) goes in whenever a defection is threatened. As we noted last week Open Source is currently in the counter-insurgency SWAT team's crosshairs, with who knows what discounts and pressures being deployed to nip rebellion in the bud.
John Lettice, 10 Dec 2002

BOFH and the Nigerian 419

Episode 24BOFH 2002: Episode 24
Simon Travaglia, 10 Dec 2002

DALnet debilitated by DoS attacks

DALnet, one of the world's biggest IRC service providers, has apologised to its users for disruptions caused by an unusually fierce DDoS attack over the weekend, whose effects are continuing to be felt.
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2002
Cat 5 cable

MS un-denial leaves Linux option open

Meta Group has made a bold prediction that Microsoft will deliver some server-side software to run on Linux beginning next year, but Redmond's official "denial" leaves the option wide open. It revives a rumor that's been doing the rounds for two years.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Dec 2002

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