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Sony bundles StarOffice for Europe

ComputerWire, 09 Dec 2002

DoCoMo to shun extra investment in KPN Mobile

NTT DoCoMo Inc is expected to turn its back on a recapitalization of KPN Mobile NV and see its holding in the Dutch mobile operator fall from 15% to around the 12% mark.
ComputerWire, 09 Dec 2002

Open Source J2EE 1.4 gets Sun green light

ComputerWire, 09 Dec 2002

Organised Net crime rising sharply – top UK cop

The level of organised crime on the Internet is increasing sharply, the head of the UK's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit warns.
John Leyden, 09 Dec 2002

.Net.uk domain granted stay of execution

The underused .net.uk domain has been granted a stay of execution after a meeting of Nominet's Policy Advisory Board decided that still more consultation was needed before a decision on its future was taken.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Dec 2002

IBM buys Rational for $2.1bn

IBM is to buy Rational Software for $2.1 billion in cash.
IT-Analysis, 09 Dec 2002

Study debunks e-mail overload myth

Contrary to the perception that workers are flooded with e-mail, most workers are happy with their e-mail levels and believe that it helps them in their work. A new US-based survey carried out by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that e-mail is now used by more than 57 million workers, almost double the number that used it two years ago.
ElectricNews.net, 09 Dec 2002

CPW wins Hutch 3G retail gig

Hutchison 3G has signed up Carphone Warehouse to sell network contracts and phones for 3 (as the service is called).
Drew Cullen, 09 Dec 2002

C&W slumps on £1.5bn tax shock

Cable & Wireless shares slumped more than 40per cent this morning on massive trading in reaction to news that the telco could face a previously undisclosed potential tax liability of £1.5bn. At best the money - almost three quarters of C&W's available cash - could be in escrow for several years, the company admits.
Drew Cullen, 09 Dec 2002

UK biz embraces ebiz

More and more UK businesses are embracing ecommerce, according to the latest survey from Continental Research.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2002

BTo split in two

BT is to split its mass-market ISP BTopenworld, in a move which will, it says. benefit customers and deliver cost savings for the telecoms company.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2002

Trustworthy Computing does Moon Walk (but not yet)

Microsoft's Chief Security Strategist today compared the company's Trustworthy Computing initiative to the race to put the first man on the Moon.
John Leyden, 09 Dec 2002

Broadband key to BT changes

The importance of broadband to BT's future strategy lies at the heart of its decision to split BTopenworld and drag it under the control of BT Retail.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2002

What's (not) up with Mydomain.com, Namesdirect.com?

Reg readers are reporting problems with accessing sites hosted by mydomain.com. And some Mydomain.com customers have told us that their email boxes have been empty since this morning.
Drew Cullen, 09 Dec 2002

UK IT jobs decline – worst over

The worst could be over for the UK's IT job market with industry watchers claiming that the recent decline has bottomed out and is expected to start growing again next year.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2002

Web pedos crack into corporate servers

Web paedophiles are turning to cracking techniques to cover their track, claims the head of the UK's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU).
John Leyden, 09 Dec 2002

IDC ups PC forecast

IDC has raised its forecasts for PC industry growth this year and next, but said the volatile economy and corporate disenchantment with Microsoft's licensing strategy are inhibiting a bounce back in the commercial sector, writes Joe Fay.
ComputerWire, 09 Dec 2002

Research signals safer smart cards

ComputerWire, 09 Dec 2002

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