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Viewsonic explains Pocket PC's missing memory

Viewsonic tells us that it will revise its marketing literature after users discovered that its new budget PocketPC has less memory than advertised.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Dec 2002

Bush signs Webcast Act

The third version of the notorious HR.5469 bill, the "Small Webcasters Settlement Act" has passed into law: after President Bush last night crayoned his distinctive 'X' onto the legislation.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Dec 2002

Telenor claims CIX email sorted next week

Telenor Business Solutions - the ISP behind CIX, one of the UK's oldest ISPs - claims that its email service should be back to normal next week.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2002

IBM, Intel, AT&T unveil US Wi-Fi JV

ComputerWire, 06 Dec 2002

France Telecom fights ‘financial noose’

ComputerWire, 06 Dec 2002

Telewest rings up 250k broadband punters

Not to be outdone by BT's recent announcement that it now has notched up 500,000 ADSL connections, Telewest has announced it's now connected its 250,000th cable broadband punter.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2002

Job cuts loom at AOL – report

Workers at AOL Time Warner's Internet division are bracing themselves for a fresh round of job cuts.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2002

Nortel marries GPRS and Wi-Fi

Nortel Networks is to offer mobile operators a new technology that will seamlessly link their wide-area wireless networks with fast emerging Wi-Fi systems.
ElectricNews.net, 06 Dec 2002

Nominet explains role in ebay.co.uk detagging slip

Remember the ebay.co.uk detagging fiasco earlier this week when the popular auction site was disrupted due to some administrative error?
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2002

Open Source in the EU – how one agency introduced it

Not a lot of people know that Europe has an equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration; but it has, it's based in London's docklands, and it's taking the Unix/Linux route to fulfil some pretty special and exacting networking requirements.
John Lettice, 06 Dec 2002

Scott McNealy on: Sun's secret weapon and its biggest mistake (not you, Apple)

InterviewHard to imagine, in all the time we've been here the most we've gotten out of Scott is smalltalk about haircuts and parking. The following should help to put that right.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Dec 2002

Orange plans SPV bugfixes, and developer info for Q1

In response to prodding from would-be smartphone developers Orange has issued a statement outlining its policy as regards application signing and bugfixes for the Orange SPV. The statement, published in full at MoDaCo.com, is guardedly vague in parts, and Register sources tell us there's more where that came from - but there's enough to be going on with.
John Lettice, 06 Dec 2002

UK is a broadband slowcoach – Oftel

The UK is still miles behind other countries when it comes to the take-up of broadband and that's despite all the work carried out by regulator Oftel to promote competition for broadband.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2002

Symbian to make Psion's OPL dev language open source

You've quite possibly never heard of OPL, but once upon a time this wouldn't have been the case. Back before Palm was thought of, OPL was the easy to use development language for Psion EPOC devices, and until events (and indeed Palm) largely overwhelmed Psion, there was quite a thriving community of small developers and enthusiasts using OPL, and bitching about Psion in pretty much the same way as Apple fans bitch about Apple.
John Lettice, 06 Dec 2002

Online suicide poster resurrected

Online anyone can be Jesus. Posters to the Counter Strike forum at Blueyonder were not in awe however when it became clear that a former colleague had come back from the dead.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2002

Apple's ‘BluePod’ – promiscuous exchanges with strangers

LettersAn iPod that can play your music to strangers and create impromptu public concerts is the stuff of dreams. Frankly it’s the only product out of the four we floated last week that you think has much merit. But my - how you're keen.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Dec 2002

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