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Total Poindexter Awareness: essential information

John Gilmore has picked up a call to give the government's snoopers and window-peepers a taste of their own medicine. His suggestion is at the top of MIT's Blogdex today, so it looks like it's already gaining some traction.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Dec 2002

HP narrows focus for mega services deals

ComputerWire, 05 Dec 2002

Java community to nail mobile phone spec

ComputerWire, 05 Dec 2002

France Telecom to reveal debt-reduction plans

ComputerWire, 05 Dec 2002

Klez tops 2002 virus charts

Klez is the most abundant virus for 2002, according to Sophos, the anti-virus software firm.
ElectricNews.net, 05 Dec 2002

PS2 trounces console rivals in UK sales rush

The PlayStation 2 continues to dominate hardware sales in the UK, with over 90,000 units of the console sold in the last week of November - three times the sales of Xbox and GameCube combined, and well on track to hit Sony's ambitious installed base projections for the end of the year.
gamesindustry.biz, 05 Dec 2002

NTL and AOL in cable broadband deal

NTL customers are to be given the choice of signing up to AOL's broadband service from the spring, following a wholesale agreement between the two companies.
Tim Richardson, 05 Dec 2002

MS CFO vows more resources to make Xbox succeed

Xbox is not going to go away, and Microsoft is ready to pour more resources into the games console, said company CFO John Connors yesterday. Connors, who was apparently being webcast to a closed Credit Suisse First Boston conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, was responding to the question of whether Microsoft had an exit strategy for Xbox.
John Lettice, 05 Dec 2002

Intel Canterwood, Springdale to be easier to overclock?

Intel's policy on overclocking is about to change, according to DigiTimes. The company, whose overclocking policy lies somewhere between 'neither support nor condone' and active opposition, is reported to be planning "limited overclocking functions" for its forthcoming Canterwood and Springdale based motherboards, due in Q2 next year.
John Lettice, 05 Dec 2002

AOL UK in profit

AOL UK is the first standalone AOL service outside of the US to be EBITDA-positive (earnings before interest etc), according to a briefing yesterday about the future for AOL.
Tim Richardson, 05 Dec 2002

Violent ads given bloody nose

Violence appears to be the common the theme for the latest punishment beatings being dished out by the advertising watchdog.
Tim Richardson, 05 Dec 2002

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