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PGP goes back to its roots

ComputerWire, 04 Dec 2002

Vendors complete tougher ICSA 4.0 firewall tests

ComputerWire, 04 Dec 2002
SGI logo hardware close-up

IBM launches 16-Way xSeries 440

IBM has got a 16-way xSeries 440 server out the door quicker than expected - and it is not exactly the machine that we were expecting, writes Timothy Prickett Morgan.
ComputerWire, 04 Dec 2002

HP pulls back 2003 outlook

Hewlett Packard Co disappointed the audience at its securities analysts yesterday when it failed to raise its first quarter forecasts yesterday and trimmed revenue estimates for its full year.
ComputerWire, 04 Dec 2002

Red Hat preps Linux for technical workstations

ComputerWire, 04 Dec 2002

Vodafone puts brave face on Cegetel defeat

ComputerWire, 04 Dec 2002

NetNames cock-up blamed for eBay detagging

Yesterday, we reported the detagging of eBay.co.uk. As we suspected, an adminstrative error was to blame. Here is the statement released today by NetNames, eBay's UK Tag holder.
Drew Cullen, 04 Dec 2002

Plaid Cymru slams eminister Wales broadband claims

A prospective candidate for the National Assembly has attacked its eminister for painting a rosy picture of broadband in Wales.
Tim Richardson, 04 Dec 2002

2600: US annual death toll for phone-causing car crashes

Mobile phone-related car crashes are responsible for 1 in 20 highway deaths in the US, but laws to prevent them are costly, according to a new Harvard Center for Risk Analysis (HCRA) report.
ElectricNews.net, 04 Dec 2002

Who will rid us of fake error message ads?

A class action suit has been filed in Spokane County Washington against Bonzi Software, the maker of the fake error message banner ads you have all seen thousands of times.
Drew Cullen, 04 Dec 2002

BT rural ADSL trial moves ahead

BT's trial to bring ADSL to areas of low demand is now up and running in four out of the eight trial sites, the monster telco confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 04 Dec 2002

Thus to seek Oftel ruling on BT's broadband ‘blocking’

Scottish telco Thus is preparing to lodge a formal complaint against BT over accusations that the dominant telco blocked a customer from subscribing to its Demon-branded broadband service.
Tim Richardson, 04 Dec 2002

NTL cuts cost of 1Mb cable service

NTL has confirmed that it is to cut the cost of its 1Mbps cable broadband service to £34.99 a month from January 1. The service was originally introduced in March with a monthly price tag of £49.99.
Tim Richardson, 04 Dec 2002

‘Tomcat Kick Start’ at 30 per cent off

This week's top book choice from Reg associate IT-minds.com is Tomcat Kick Start. It's a concise developer's introduction to Apache Jakarta Tomcat, the official reference implementation used to build Servlets and JSP applications. Enough said. With a 30 per cent discount you can buy this book right now for just £17.85.
Lester Haines, 04 Dec 2002

Dabs.com fined £8k for recycling failure

Dabs.com has been fined £8,000 for failure to comply with recycling rules designed to cut the amount of packaging waste.
Drew Cullen, 04 Dec 2002

Final non-EU deadline at Cash'n'Carrion

Midnight tonight GMT is the deadline for pre-Xmas delivery on non-EU orders from our magnificent Cash'n'Carrion shop.
Team Register, 04 Dec 2002

Pogo lives! (just changing hosts)

Good news for Pogo users: the long-term future of the UK PDA business is secure, with the management buyout completing this week. (See: Pogo PDA maker restructures).
Drew Cullen, 04 Dec 2002

FatWallet.com fights back in WalMart DMCA action

FatWallet, the bargain hunters' site that was forced to take down sale prices after several retailers claimed their publication was an infringement of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), has struck back, contesting the retailers' "frivolous copyright assertion" and demanding damages.
John Lettice, 04 Dec 2002

We hate Spam (email your friends)

Is it our imagination, or was there once a time when life existed without unsolicited exhortations to visit bestiality web sites?
Drew Cullen, 04 Dec 2002

Irish ISP blocks web site over dispute

UTVInternet (UTVi), the all-Ireland ISP, stopped its subscribers from accessing Irish auction site ebid.ie last week. The action was taken in response to commercial dispute between the two companies, UTVi told Irish journalist Fergus Cassidy.
Drew Cullen, 04 Dec 2002

Company that disentangled WPA says it's built a better one

The German company that disentangled Windows Product Activation last year has followed this up by producing its own version, which it claims is far superior. At the time of the release of last year's WPA analysis, Fully Licensed GmbH said it actually supported WPA, and now it's proving it does.
John Lettice, 04 Dec 2002

BT LookSmart has ceased to be

BT LookSmart, the search engine JV between -y ou can work it out for yourself - is to be dissolved. BT is to get $3.5m in cash and one million shares in LookSmart. It will also receive $1m set aside for funding the JV. The two companies will share restructuring costs equally.
Drew Cullen, 04 Dec 2002

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