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VeriSign to revamp secondary domain biz

VeriSign Inc next month will re-launch its GreatDomains domain name resale service, dropping its retail auction model in favor of a wholesale system that will be made available to all of its registrar channel partners, ComputerWire has learned.

Oracle readies e-biz suite lite for Europe

Oracle Corp is set to take the wraps off its new E-Business Suite of applications specially designed for the European midmarket sector. All eyes are on the Redwood Shores, California software vendor to unveil the software later this week. Although the technical specifics of the new suite are still closely guarded by Oracle …

Microsoft eases licences with Windows .NET Server 2003

Microsoft Corp is broadening client access rights to Windows servers through licensing changes unveiled yesterday along with the second release candidate (RC) of Windows .NET Server 2003. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp will let organizations access Windows .NET Server 2003 and Windows .NET Server 2003 Terminal …

IBM preps 32-way Intel server

IBM has confirmed that it is working on a greatly expanded version of its xSeries 440 server which will see the company deliver in 2003 a 32-way Wintel and Lintel box that uses either 32-bit Xeon MP or 64-bit Itanium processors. This is based on the Summit EXA chipset and will be the largest Intel-based machine that IBM …
Broken CD with wrench

Hitachi pushes Thunder box downstream

Hitachi Ltd's storage division has refreshed its mid-range Thunder box and pushed it further down-market, chasing sales in the growing mid-range storage market. At the same time the company has fleshed out its software line-up with a point product which reports on I/O performance and capacity usage, but is not an SRM …
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Liberty insists no rift, just differences of opinion

Reports of a damaging rift between Liberty Alliance Project members have been down played, although differences do exist in the platforms vendors are likely to target. Liberty president Michael Barrett said yesterday individual group members are interested in only certain platforms and technologies. Barrett insisted, …
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Cheap Mandrake for Windows refugees

Monday, MandrakeSoft announced what it calls a Refugee Program. If you can muster proof that you purchased an operating system license to run Windows or Unix or any other OS, Mandrake has got a deal for you. MandrakeSoft VP Gael Duval says that he wants to see a copy of your proof of ownership (doesn't he know that EULAs say …
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Ireland sets three year target for cheap broadband

Ireland's Minister for Communications, Dermot Ahern, has set a deadline for affordable broadband in the country.
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Telewest seeks Xbox Live volunteers

Telewest is looking for volunteers to take part in a trial to test the online gaming service Xbox Live.
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AOL to outline broadband strategy today

AOL Time Warner is to provide an update on its AOL Internet division today. In particular, it's expected to outline its strategy for broadband.
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eBay UK is detagged!

Reader reports have flooded in this morning concerning the 'disappearance' of ebay.co.uk from the Web. Our informants kindly did the legwork for us, pointing us to the Nominet who is entry for ebay.co.uk. And there we have our answer: "This registration is DETAGGED".
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Woman jump starts car with cyber-infant

A London woman used her own one-year-old infant to jump start her Ford Focus after the voracious rugrat ate the coded radio transponder from the car's keys, the Telegraph reports.
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Europe talks tough on broadband competition

The UK could face legal action from the European Union (EU) unless there is greater competition for high-speed Net access.
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Windows costs less than Linux. A bit. Sometimes – MS study

Windows 2000 servers are cheaper to run than Linux ones, sometimes, says an IDC study which was by strange coincidence sponsored by Microsoft. The study will come as welcome relief to Microsoft salespeople who have been parroting the 'cheaper than Linux' line to general disbelief, but whether anyone else will believe it is another matter.
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Sage sales, profits up

Sage, the UK's most successful software firm, has hit the numbers with full year profits up six per cent to £89.1m on revenue up 14 per cent to £557m.
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AOL warns of tough times ahead

AOL has warned that revenues for 2003 are expected to remain flat and that the Internet division of AOL Time Warner is unlikely to deliver solid growth until 2004.
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Nominet wins injunction against DRS

Nominet UK has won an interim injunction order in the High Court against Domain Registrar Services Limited (DRS), banning the company from using the Nominet name and logo.