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Cisco backtracks on security functionality

Having previously said that it had added firewall and intrusion-detection features to its IOS security software, Cisco Systems Inc has now clarified its position and said that those features will not actually be integrated into the product until the first quarter of 2003. Earlier this month, San Jose, California-based …
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Orange delays 3G roll-out

Mobile network equipment suppliers are likely to be the main victims when Thierry Breton, the new chairman of France Telecom SA, announces the group's survival strategy this week. With a promise of immediate government assistance of 9bn euros ($8.9bn), Breton is expected to come up with matching savings. Applying the brake …
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Nokia late with Singapore 3G network

Nokia Corp's ambitions to be world leader in mobile technology have been dented by the embarrassing revelation that it has failed to produce a 3G network on time. An IPO document filed by Singapore's second largest mobile operator MobileOne (Asia) (M1) revealed that Nokia failed to meet a mid-year deadline to supply 3G …

BEA disses IBM WebSphere 5.0

The fierce battle between the two top vendors in the application server market, BEA Systems Inc and IBM Corp, has become even nastier as BEA has attempted to deride the latest release of IBM's WebSphere, 5.0. IBM retaliated just as strongly, saying that BEA's arguments over the technical deficiency of WebSphere are simply …
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37 million Americans bank online

The drift from bank teller lines to internet banking continues, according to a report from non-profit-making Pew Internet and American Life Project, with estimates that 37 million Americans now pay bills and transfer funds on the web, more than twice the number that did so two years ago. Of those surveyed, 32% did their …

StorageTek rides the data lifecycle

StorageTek is reinventing itself again, this time as a specialist in data lifecycle management. The $2 billion company believes its expertise in areas such as mainframe disk arrays, tape libraries and archival can be turned to advising clients on how to classify, manage and appropriately protect all their digital assets.
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Does your local pub have WiFi? It's free…

This report was written in Barneys in St Albans. It's a pub/wine bar/restaurant, and all I had to do was walk in, sit down, and open up my laptop. Instantly, I had free Internet. Who pays?
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ATI aims low with with ALL-IN-WONDER VE

ATI is driving a new budget multimedia video upgrade card into North America shops, just in time for Christmas.
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DT flogs shares in T-Online

Deutsche Telekom is to flog up to 120m shares in its Internet division, T-Online, in a bid to cut the monster telco's debt mountain.
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PCA publishes Fujitsu HDD advisory

The PC Association, the UK lobby group for system builders, has issued an advisory on the Great Fujitsu HDD Fiasco for its members. It makes for interesting reading, but remember, the PC Association is carrying the banner for the UK trade only. DC
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P2P cookie monsters just want to pick a packet or two

Last week, the MD of Telewest's broadband content confirmed that he is to leave the cableco. Telewest has no plans at the moment to replace David Docherty although he will carry on as a consultant.
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Terminator – the Seagate connection

LogoWatch Things have been pretty quiet recently on the white-knuckle rollercoaster ride that is corporate rebranding. So quiet, in fact, that when disk drive manufacturer Seagate Technology decided a month or so ago to present a new face to an expectant world, El Reg hardly raised an eyebrow.
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Third of UK biz does not have IT staff

Almost a third of UK businesses don't employ someone specifically to look after the IT needs of their company.
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Mistral buys Routo

Brighton-based business ISP Mistral Internet has bought hosting and telecoms outfit Routo (formerly Boyannet) for an undisclosed sum.
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Orange, not MS, is SPV smartphone app-breaker in chief

The dastardly control-freak company responsible for throttling application development for the Orange SPV smartphone is Orange, not Microsoft, it transpires. With Smartphone 2002 Microsoft provides the mechanisms for developers to produce applications and actually have them run on the target platform, but it leaves the final say so to the networks, so in this case Orange is saying no. Or, perhaps, pay me.
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BT accused of blocking broadband take-up

BT has been accused of "anti-competitive behaviour" following allegations that it blocked attempts for a customer to subscribe to a rival broadband service.
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Hewlett Packard eyes smartphone biz

There's an eye-catching name in an otherwise content-free press release from Symbian today: Hewlett Packard. HP makes its first appearance as a "Premium Partner" for the smartphone OS provider.