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AOL's new iDTV service fails to impress

AOL's decision to expand into interactive digital TV (iDTV) has yet to impress analysts.
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Sklyarov gets US visa -DMCA trial to kick off

The first criminal prosecution under the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act is to begin in San Jose next week after a visa was finally granted to Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov and Alex Katalov, the chief executive of his former employers ElcomSoft.
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Amnesty slams tech giants for ‘aiding’ Chinese human rights abuse

The great and the good of the IT industry - including Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Websense - stand accused of aiding and abetting human rights violations in China.
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O2 network go tits up North

O2's network in Scotland and Northern Ireland went tits up yesterday afternoon leaving thousands of punters unable to use their mobile phones.
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Wanted: ISPs to flog StarOffice

Sun Microsystems Inc is in talks with some of the major internet service providers regarding possible tie-up agreements through which the ISPs will distribute and offer services around Sun's StarOffice productivity office software suite. Sun's business manager for SunONE Desktop Solutions, Mru Patel said that Sun was in …
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Ease 3G rules, operators beg EU

Europe's struggling carriers and equipment suppliers are stepping up pressure on the European Union for measures to alleviate their problems ahead of a meeting of Europe's telecoms ministers in Brussels next week. Laden with debt from the cost of 3G licences and facing massive delays in getting a return on the investment …
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MobilCom posts huge 3G write-down

Troubled German mobile operator MobilCom has taken a €9.9bn ($9.84bn) write-down on its abandoned 3G plans as part of its plans to slim down after a cash crisis almost forced it into bankruptcy. MobilCom also announced a restructuring plan, which includes cutting a third of its workforce and concentrating on its roots, by …
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Mirapoint battles growth in spam

Messaging appliance vendor Mirapoint has released what it claims is the industry's most comprehensive spam-protection software. Available now as part of the company's Message Server and Message Director appliances, the new anti-spam tools are designed to be deployed by ISPs, mobile operators and enterprise or public sector …
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Web Services sidestep firewall – survey

Results of a survey of software developers suggest that nearly half of all web services are being deployed outside the enterprise firewall to bridge business partners with an access route to company data. "Currently, the perception is that web services, whether based on .NET or the J2EE platform, have yet to break through …
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Energis keeps Freeserve gig

Energis is to continue providing network services for Freeserve after the companies secured a new two-year multi-million pound contract.
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Anti-spam filters kill legitimate emails

Heavy-handed anti-spam filtering can frequently lead to the loss of legitimate emails.

HP, Compaq user groups merge

HP and Compaq's European user groups are merging - after six months of negotiations. Blimey, that's a helluva lot longer than HP and Compaq took to agree to merge, and almost as long as HP and Compaq have taken to integrate their vast businesses. That's the trouble with talking shops: too much talking shop.
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On penis burns, red hot laptops – and badgers

Letters Man burns penis with laptop
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UK Govt to post UFO sightings on Net

"If people know what we're doing, they know what we're doing wrong" Yes Minister

Interoperability issues dog Bluetooth – survey

Bluetooth continues to be dogged by interoperability problems and remains vulnerable to the threats of competing technologies.
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Affinity narrows losses

Shares in Affinity Internet were up almost 8 per cent by lunchtime after the UK internet company announced increased revenue and lower losses.
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MPEG-4 licences go live

The MPEG Licensing Authority, MPEG LA, this week said it is ready to start offering general licenses to companies wanting to use the MPEG-4 video format, after lengthy negotiations and concerns over the lack of royalty caps. The organization, a coalition of about 20 companies that own patents essential to MPEG-4 technology …
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Where the heck is all this spam coming from?

The growth of the spam problem in 2002 has been exponential, writes Kevin Murphy. Companies that sell spam filtering software say currently the percentage of email that is spam could be 20%, 33%, or even up to 50%, compared to less than 10% a year ago. While the rise in spam is easy to notice, it is hard to quantify. Spam …
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123reg.co.uk restores customer email after DNS botch

Customers of domain registrar 123-reg.co.uk are promised their communications will be restored tomorrow following a DNS cock-up last week by the company which left many unable to receive email.
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Web Bugs – Here Are the Rules

The Network Advertising Initiative, which comprises some of the internet's leading advertising and ad technology companies, yesterday said it has finalized a set of best practices for the use of web bugs. Web bugs, aka web beacons, are single-pixel GIF image tags in HTML documents used to track web users. The invisible …
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TSMC ups Q4 forecast

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd (TSMC) has substantially increased its forecast for fourth-quarter wafer shipments, predicting that they will be equal to the third-quarter level compared with its prediction in October that they would decline sequentially on a low-teen percentage rate. This dramatic …
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Sex, Text, Revenge etc. – ‘spot the double standard’

Letters Sex, Text, Revenge, Hacking and Friends Reunited

Dell's AMD server strategy

It's only a small detail in this InfoWorld story, but it has all the ingredients for a perfect storm.
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Govt 3G greed hurts us all – EITO

The British and German governments have manufactured a high-tech recession by their greed in taking too much out of the 3G/UMTS mobile phone auctions, according to researchers at EITO, the European Information Technology Observatory.
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Demon explains punters' Net slowdown

Demon has blamed the "unpredictable behaviour" of some of its routers for problems experienced by its broadband customers trying to access the Net.
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NTL to exit Chapter 11 soon

NTL looks set to miss its deadline of emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by the end of the month.

Brocade tightlipped about management cull

While analysts disagree on the cause of Brocade's shock warning of a coming sharp fall in revenue, the SAN switch making giant has indicated strongly that casualty list from the 12% layoffs it announced last week includes more than three vice presidents, as well as its COO and president. During its earning call on Thursday …
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Commission to ‘look into’ antitrust work of MS' Eurocrat hire

The European Commission has been performing a curious backwards shuffle over the departure of official Detlef Eckert for a three year furlough with The Beast. Eckert's departure earlier this month was originally spun as of no import, because he didn't work on the Commission's Microsoft investigation, but after our brief mention of the matter earlier this week, baying packs of newshounds would seem to have been going for the spinmeisters with the meat tenderiser.
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A Bluetooth iPod (and three other Apple distractions)

Another processor landmark from Intel has taken its Pentium4 line past 3GHz chip, with a 3.6Ghz part following hard on its heels. It makes more dismal reading for professional Apple users, who've seen the most competitive Apple hardware spanked out of sight by Chipzilla's latest in tests by Digital Video Editing.
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WLAN security is still work in progress

IT managers are cautiously optimistic that wireless networks will - over time - become as secure as today's local area networks, but security concerns are still holding back deployment of the technology.
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Panda adds Personal Firewall to PC AV suite

Panda Software has added a personal firewall, new scan engine and a script blocker to its latest Panda Antivirus Platinum version 7.0 PC security suite.