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Sun builds StarOffice SDK

ComputerWire, 27 Nov 2002

South Korea leads the way on 3G (even though it's 2.5G)

South Korea may be the great world economy recovery play, but it's only just out of the sick bay. And, as the case of the sorry Hynix illustrates, admittedly in extremis, the world's eleventh biggest economy has to overcome this basic problem - not enough profit and too much debt.
Drew Cullen, 27 Nov 2002

Shareholders block C&W chairman choice

ComputerWire, 27 Nov 2002

Vivendi fills war chest for Cegetel battle

ComputerWire, 27 Nov 2002

Sun on track for $2.9bn in Q2

ComputerWire, 27 Nov 2002

WorldCom settles with SEC

ComputerWire, 27 Nov 2002

2003 Tech spending flatter than flat pancake

Tech budgets through 2003 will not grow as many predict, falling instead by 0.03%, finds a new tech spending confidence study from Gartner.
IT-Analysis, 27 Nov 2002

Free Chinese Net users – Amnesty

Amnesty International has called on the Chinese authorities to free all those who've been locked up for using the Internet to express their views or share information.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2002

Possessed! The Solaris font daemon

A buffer overflow risk exists in the font service which ships with Solaris. There is a workaround, but no comprehensive fix just yet.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2002

Chip industry heads for bounce back

The latest slump in the semiconductor industry has hit beyond the usual manufacturing base of Intel et al and reached right out to the UK with its community of specialist chip designers - the effects of which have been devastating. With redundancies, office and plant closures this has been, "...the worst recession in the semiconductor industry."
IT-Analysis, 27 Nov 2002

Incorporated man makes ‘murder confession’ online – arrest follows

New Hampshire police arrested a man yesterday after a poster 'confessed' to the murder of a California policeman online.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Nov 2002

Lik-Sang changes hands, preps mod-chip court case

Lik-Sang, the Hong Kong based online retailer of videogames "accessories", is to hand over the running of its business to a company called Pacific Game Technology Limited, in a move designed to allow the current management of the company to focus on fighting its forthcoming court case against Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.
gamesindustry.biz, 27 Nov 2002

Danish anti pirates continue to target copyright theft

The Danish Anti Pirat Gruppen (Anti Piracy Group) is to continue targeting Net users who swap copyright material illegally.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2002

First hackers sighted in high speed mobile phone arena

T-Mobile has installed a firewall on its GPRS network in the States after a small number of users complained of receiving hacker probes when using its high-speed mobile service.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2002

BT's broadband registration scheme a ‘shambles’

The organiser behind a campaign to get his local exchange upgraded to ADSL has described BT's pre-registration scheme as a "shambles".
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2002

BTo anti-spam move kills its users' mail servers

BTopenworld anti-spam measures introduced today are preventing customers with dynamic IPs from running their own mail servers.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2002

SMS security risks highlighted by Friends Reunited hacking case

Breach of trust by two dismissed mm02 workers, rather than deeper problems, led to the release of private text messages to a jealous boyfriend that sparked a campaign on revenge against his cheating girlfriend.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2002

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