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COMDEX Fall: the view from the Cab

Guest OpinionAs a veteran Las Vegas Taxi Driver and someone who has played with PCs even longer (I once even owned a Commodore Pet), I have always looked forward to the Fall COMDEX Show coming to town. This year was no exception, but even with the lowered expectations after last year's post-911 debacle and the continuing bleeding out of the Tech Industry, it seemed to be an anemic shade of what was once the largest trade show in Sin City.
Kenneth Turner, 26 Nov 2002

Anti-pirates hit Danish P2P users with huge bills

The Danish Anti Pirat Gruppen (Anti Piracy Group) has issued invoices of up to $14,000 apiece to approximately 150 users of KaZaA and eDonkey for illegally downloading copyright material.
Kasper Larsen, 26 Nov 2002

Strong US Xbox Live uptake

Microsoft is celebrating strong uptake of its Xbox Live service in the USA, where over 150,000 Xbox Live Starter Kits were sold within one week of the online multiplayer system becoming available to consumers.
gamesindustry.biz, 26 Nov 2002

FT obtains Hutchison 3G business plan

ComputerWire, 26 Nov 2002

‘I demand the story be taken down immediately’ – RIAA

LetterRIAA orders US Navy to surrender
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Nov 2002

RIAA punishing Navy cadets ‘because it can’

LettersThe RIAA may be "I demand the story be taken down immediately" - RIAA shocked (shocked!) by our satirical treatment of the US Navy Academy's confiscation of PCs containing MP3s, but Register readers are just as shocked that the RIAA has gone for a soft target.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Nov 2002

Sweden rejects Vodafone 3G delay

Vodafone has been refused permission to extend the deadline and reduce the population coverage targets imposed by its 3G licence. The mobile network operator had sought to get its network rollout put back to 2005, from the original deadline of the end of 2003, citing delays in obtaining planning permission.
Drew Cullen, 26 Nov 2002

Nominet UK takes legal action against DRS

Nominet UK has launched legal action against Domain Registrar Services Limited (DRS) amid allegations of trade mark infringement and passing off.
Tim Richardson, 26 Nov 2002

'No conflict of interest,' as MS recruits top Brussels IT Eurocrat

In a barely-registered coup earlier this month Microsoft recruited senior European Commission official Detlef Eckert. But that's not a problem - Eckert, who it is understood will be joining The Beast on the 1st of December, "has had nothing to do with the Microsoft competition case," the FT's 'Observer' gossip column tells us, but simply "had responsibility to roll out broadband communications."
John Lettice, 26 Nov 2002

IT project failure is rampant – KPMG

Most public firms have written off failed IT projects in the past year, typically due to poor project management, according to a new report from KPMG.
ElectricNews.net, 26 Nov 2002

UK Govt says it's safe to e-shop

The UK Government reckons it's safe to shop online this Christmas despite consumers' continuing fears over credit card fraud and personal privacy.
Tim Richardson, 26 Nov 2002

Feds break massive identity fraud

US investigators have charged three people for involvement in an ID theft scam believed to have hit upwards of 30,000 victims and cost millions through fraudulent transactions. Prosecutors say it the largest identity fraud case in US history.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2002

More arrests in Sonera snooping probe

Finnish police have withdrawn a request to arrest former Sonera boss Kaj-Erik Relander on suspicion of complicity in an escalating phone tracing scandal involving the telecoms carrier.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2002

Mobile phone sales soar

There's encouraging news for the mobile phone industry today after Dataquest reported that sales of handsets were up almost eight per cent compared to the same time last year.
Tim Richardson, 26 Nov 2002

Ximian Evolution 1.2 – the Outlook lookalike for Linux

ReviewThe following review was first published by Extremetech, where you can read it with added screen shots here. We at The Register like the good people at Extremetech very much, we think they like us too, and we hope that the occasional piece of 'cultural exchange' will help further the causes of enlightenment and world peace. Which as you know is what The Register is all about.
Extremetech, 26 Nov 2002

RealPlayer security fix is faulty

That nemesis of application security, the buffer overrun, has found its way into media players from RealNetworks.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2002

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