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Patent blow to Lawsuits In Motion, Inc.

Litigation-happy pager company Research In Motion, Inc. received a taste of its own medicine today, as a Virginian jury found RIM had infringed patents held by NTP Inc., and awarded $23m in damages against the company.
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Helms explains webcasting deal

Saturday sees a joint Anglo-American webcast in "solidarity" US webcasters, under the cosh from crippling CARP rates. stage4 in collaboration with Pirate.TV will be broadcasting from both London and New York. Details here.
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European m-commerce trials to begin

In a bid to boost mobile commerce in the EU, trials will begin next year on a project that aims to harmonise European mobile payment and security standards.
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WebMethods, i2, HP add supply chain links

WebMethods, i2 and Hewlett-Packard are to collaborate to enable customers to more easily monitor and manage supply chain business processes.
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Websense takes aim at Spyware

Websense Inc is offering customers the opportunity to block "spyware", the new breed of desktop software which surreptitiously sends data from users' computers to internet servers for marketing purposes. The company, known for its web content filtering gateway, has added a spyware category to its $5-per-seat Premium Group …
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One licence for MS Jupiter apps

Microsoft plans to introduce a single licence for its Jupiter suite of integrated e-business components that will eventually replace the existing Content Management Server 2002, Commerce Server 2002, and BizTalk Server 2002 products. The company's e-business server lead product manager, Dave Wascha, revealed at Microsoft's …
Broken CD with wrench

Battle lines drawn over XML Office formats

Battle lines are forming over Microsoft Corp's support for a Sun Microsystems Inc initiative to build a standards-based set of XML-based file formats for Office applications. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft yesterday set the ground rules for joining an Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information …

DB2 8.0 ventures into chilly IT climate

IBM yesterday braved the on-going spending freeze on IT spending by launching the latest version of its DB2 database. IBM, recently upbeat about its database sales, announced the immediate availability of DB2 version 8.0, which features re-worked pricing and packaging to attract medium sized businesses. DB2 8.0 also …
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ISC seeks cash amid BIND security concerns

As the internet's domain name system suffers a series of security setbacks, the custodian of BIND, the software overwhelmingly used by ISPs to converts names into IP addresses, wants to ramp up security and is seeking the cash to do it, writes Kevin Murphy. This week the Internet Software Consortium introduced a membership …
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Man burns penis with laptop

And now for proof that some laptops run hotter than a badger. A 50-year old scientist, previously healthy, burned his penis after placing his laptop on his, err lap, for an hour. Oh, he was fully dressed in trousers and underpants, according to this letter printed in the Lancet, the UK's best-known medical journal. (reg req'd, free.)
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Support web satire at Cash'n'Carrion

Regular readers will know that nobody likes a good chuckle more than ourselves, and so it is with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availability of a limited edition t-shirt in support of UK satire site The Rockall Times.
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BTo launches broadband sports service

BTOpenworld underlined its credentials as a content business today by announcing that it is to create the UK's first broadband sports network.
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Lastminute.com lands profit

Lastminute.com has made a profit. Let's say that again just in case it didn't sink in. Lastminute.com has made it into the black. It earned more cash than it spent.
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BT names more exchanges for ADSL upgrade

BT Wholesale has confirmed that Tottington, Danbury and Bradford-on-Avon are to have their exchanges converted to ADSL by January 31.

Key NHS project in sick bay

An important Department of Health IT project has suffered a serious, though apparently not fatal, setback.
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Punters 'don't need' wireless data services

Despite the best efforts of the wireless operators across the globe, interest in the value add next generation data services remains worryingly low. In its latest study of the wireless market, industry experts Yankee Group has found that few people use wireless data services today and few see the value of these services in the future.
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On the Microsoft FTP server leak

Microsoft made customer details - along with numerous confidential internal documents - freely available from a deeply insecure FTP server earlier this month.
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Thomson to stop making TiVo boxes

TiVo has confirmed that its UK partner, Thomson, is to stop manufacturing its popular line of Personal Video Recorders.
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BTo scores own goal

A few hours is a long time in the life of the Net. Earlier today BTopenworld announced the launch of a new sports portal for broadband punters in the UK.
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Samsung offers £100K reward for Heathrow DRAM theft info

Samsung and its insurers are offering a £100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the people, or person, behind the $4.5m Heathrow computer chip theft in October
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Didata says market has stabilised

Network services giant Dimension Data Holdings Plc has posted a net loss after exceptional items and goodwill amortization of $2.58bn for the 12 months to September 20, from $1.72bn the previous year, on revenue that fell 11% to $2.19bn. The Johannesburg, South Africa-based company said that global demand had stabilized during the second half of its latest financial year.
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Gamers shut out in Asheron's Call 2 billing mess

Today's launch of Microsoft's new multiplayer game - Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings - in the US and Canada has been mired in controversy after the giant software company admitted that the game is only available to subscribers in nine countries.
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Ruin your PC with an Aqua Dock

Perhaps Apple has realized that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or perhaps it's seconded its lawyers to Research in Motion, Inc.

Sun talks future systems, N1, and WinFS

Quite apart from the Java politics, Sun's software business isn't short of challenges. On the big iron side it has to cope with tightly integrated IBM systems that refused to get any cruftier, with Big Blue moving its mainframe know-how into its Unix systems. On the other there's Microsoft's WinFS, which promises to do away with hierarchical storage altogether and remove the distinction between local and remote storage. (About time, too). And then there's Linux, which improves all the time.
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Trade Wars: Micron vs. Asia

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