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Zippy – a Lotus Notes for the rest of us?

A fresh approach to workgroup collaboration and file sharing will emerge this week with the launch of Zippy. It's a hosted service that offers file sharing, instant messaging and PIM functionality for a fixed fee per user per month.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Nov 2002

CA founder Wang retires

ComputerWire, 19 Nov 2002

Microsoft Business Framework: The 10-year plan

ComputerWire, 19 Nov 2002

Windows .NET Server slips (again) to April 03

ComputerWire, 19 Nov 2002

C&W reveals lease liabilities

ComputerWire, 19 Nov 2002

JD Edwards tidies management mess

ComputerWire, 19 Nov 2002

Comcast largest cable firm after AT&T buy

ComputerWire, 19 Nov 2002

Compel takes £400K restructuring charge

Compel, the mid-range computer dealer/rental firm, is to take a £400,000 charge for bringing expenses into line with business levels and prospects. The company says it "remains sound and strongly funded" and insists that costs are "largely" under control, but it is gloomy about trading.
Drew Cullen, 19 Nov 2002

Intel spruces Xeon line

Only Tuesday, and already it's an exhausting week for product launches with world+dog determined to make a noise for Comdex.
Drew Cullen, 19 Nov 2002
server room

Sun kills COD server price premium

ComputerWire, 19 Nov 2002

Heathrow thieves steal 1,400 SPV Orange smartphones

Thieves made off with 1,400 Orange SPV (Sounds Picture Video) smartphones after raiding a warehouse in Heathrow last Friday.
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2002

FAST hails copyright ‘big stick’

On November 20, Copyright etc and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Act 2002 comes into force.
Drew Cullen, 19 Nov 2002

mmO2 climbs towards black

mm02 is claiming a good set of interims with EBITDA (Earnings before Bad Stuff) achieved in all four countries where it operates a mobile phone network.
Drew Cullen, 19 Nov 2002

Vodafone touts remote access for road warriors

Vodafone has released a new GPRS-based mobile data service providing business customers with remote access to their offices.
ElectricNews.net, 19 Nov 2002

IBM wins US Gov super computer deal

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded IBM a $290 million contract to build the two fastest supercomputers in the world with a combined peak speed of 460 trillion calculations per second (teraflops).
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2002

MS accused of banning mod chip Xbox from Live service

Microsoft's campaign against Xbox mod chips has ratcheted up a notch with the launch of the Xbox Live online gaming service. According to a posting at Got Mod?, (there's a site that's going to be pretty concerned about the issue) the company is attempting to detect mod chips when users connect, then placing them on a banned list - forever.
John Lettice, 19 Nov 2002

BT touts broadband for everyone

BT today announced that broadband would reach 80 per cent of the UK in the next few years.
Tim Richardson, 19 Nov 2002

IBM's S/390 Linux guru on the Open Source patent question

Following yesterday's piece on Microsoft playing the patent card against Linux we were pointed to an interview with IBM's Karl-Heinz Strassemeyer at Linux Forum Denmark. It's been around for a while, but Strassemeyer has some interesting things to say about IBM, Linux and patents, so it's still worth looking at.
John Lettice, 19 Nov 2002

WinXP ‘Second Edition’ leaks

Back in March we brought you the news that Microsoft was preparing enterprise customers for an evolutionary (read: "cashflow-friendly") upgrade to Windows XP, dubbed "XP Second Edition", as an interim before the much-vaunted Longhorn overhaul.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Nov 2002
DVD it in many colours

HPQ storage blitz shows continued convergence

HP has announced a swathe of new StorageWorks products and upgrades, to shore up its position in the multi-vendor networked storage business.
Bryan Betts, 19 Nov 2002

Accused Pentagon Hacker's Online Life

Usenet posts show Gary McKinnon was a bit of a phone phreak, knew where to buy lock picks, and had an early interest in defense computers. A former employer says he was bored at work.
Kevin Poulsen, 19 Nov 2002

Linux Professional Institute raises the bar on testing

The Linux Professional Intitute isn't out to make money. That could be the factor that sets this Linux certification agency apart from the others - if nothing else, LPI can certainly claim to be the only certification body with non-profit status. Not having to focus on the bottom line provides certain benefits to people who want to become Linux professionals.
Tina Gasperson, 19 Nov 2002

Edubroadband, edubroadband, edubroadband

Tony Blair today commited the government to funding the provision of broadband to every school in the UK by 2006. Speaking at the e-Summit in London, the Prime Minister said that IT was essential to the future of the UK economy.
Tim Richardson, 19 Nov 2002

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