14th November 2002 Archive

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Sinful SMS, Shaggy Solaris

Letters A sackful of interesting mail - on Australia's broadband woes, and the great P.Eng debate to follow. But here's a fascinating miscellany on some recent stories.

Microsoft says Enterprise IM coming in Q1

Microsoft Corp has penciled in the first quarter of 2003 for the release of MSN Messenger Connect, the beachhead for its foray into enterprise-grade instant messaging services, which will put it into competition with Yahoo! Inc and America Online Inc. Connect is a server/service combination for which Microsoft will charge …
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Sony, Philips to buy InterTrust for $453m

Sony Corp and Royal Philips Electronics NV are to jointly acquire InterTrust Technologies Corp for $453m, in an effort to protect future revenue streams under threat from the rise in web piracy, writes Tom Jowitt. However, there has been immediate speculation that Microsoft Corp would step in with a counter bid, which …

Virtualization sells better as something else, HP Says

While the stage debut of its main virtualization act continues to be delayed, Hewlett Packard Co has discovered that the best way to sell its place-holding VS3000 storage virtualization appliance is to dress it as a different technology. The VS3000 appliance - about to be renamed the HP CASA - runs the virtualization …
Cat 5 cable

Etagon launches Oracle9i cluster appliance

Etagon Inc, a new company established in New York, made a splash at OracleWorld this week as it took the covers off its Origon line of Oracle9i Real Application Clusters application servers, writes Timoth Prickett Morgan. Oracle9i RAC is one of those software technologies that looks great on paper and is great once it gets …
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RSA teams up with Courion for identity management

RSA Security Inc teamed up with identity management software vendor Courion Corp to enable the management of user identities and access privileges across heterogeneous e-business environments. As part of the partnership, Bedford, Massachusetts-based RSA's ClearTrust web access management software will be integrated with …
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Inktomi back to square one after Verity search sale

Inktomi Corp is going back to being a plain old web search engine provider, following the sale of its enterprise search business to Verity Inc, announced yesterday, writes Kevin Murphy. Coupled with the discontinuation of its caching business, announced this summer, Inktomi is pretty much down to the bare bones on which it …
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PDA sales continue to slump

New research has shown that shipments of PDAs and handheld devices are continuing to drop, with the fall-off blamed on the weak global economy.
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Pentium designer plans Indian wireless IC, phone powerhouse

Vinod Dham, a strangely pivotal figure in the development of Intel and AMD, has done pretty well for himself, and is now bouncing back with what looks to us like the modelstly ambitious scheme of turning India into a wireless, semiconductor and mobile phone powerhouse. Earlier this week Dham set up his first Indian company, Insilica, with backing from his own and Tushar Dave's NewPath Ventures.
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Why VisionTek is sueing Mitac, Nvidia, VC and five ex-staff

Creditors of VisionTek accuse Nvidia, Mitac, BFG Technologies, Advanced Equities Inc and 13 named individuals, many former senior employees of the company, of trying to sabotage the graphics card maker.
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Fasthosts mum over ad watchdog complaint

Fasthosts - which claims to be "market leader in the provision of innovative hosted services" - has been kicked up the backside by the Advertising Watchdog.
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EMI in US music download deal

Music fans in the US are to be given the chance to download music by artists such as Pink Floyd and Joe Cocker following the announcement of EMI's "enhanced" digital download distribution programme.
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MS hires security chief to win federal homeland contracts

Microsoft has hired a Director of Federal Homeland Security, a job which despite the possibly misleading title involves working for Microsoft while dealing with the US government's Office of Homeleland Security, rather than vice versa. Or perhaps not.
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Hyper-Threading: best thing since sliced thread?

When Intel starts adding the initials 'HT' to its Pentium 4 stickers, you know that Hyper-Threading is going to be a mainstream buzzword in no time, writes Ben Hardwidge.
PC Pro, 14 2002
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Security ‘impossible’ for Win9x, buy XP now, says MS exec

Yesterday Microsoft senior VP and head trustworthy computing honcho Craig Mundie delivered his 'annual report' on the company's trustworthy computing initiative. He had much to say about the progress that has been made since Microsoft discovered security, but the bit that interested us was way down the bottom of this, where he explained why people are going to have to ditch their old MS stuff and buy lots of lovely new MS stuff instead.
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BTo in (another) ADSL promo

BTopenworld is laying out the red carpet in a bid to sign up business customers to broadband.
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Supanet ISP offers ADSL

Supanet is launching its new broadband service tomorrow marking the ISP's first entry into the ADSL sector.
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NTL broadband maintains lead

NTL continues to dominate broadband numbers in the UK gaining 105,000 new customers during the summer.
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MS touts free security toolkit for SMEs

Microsoft today released a security toolkit designed to help Britain's medium-sized businesses evaluate their security needs.
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AMD tightens belt, hammers workforce

AMD today announced that 2,000 people, or approximately 15 per cent of staff, will lose their jobs by the end of the second quarter of 2003.
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Popular packet sniffing packages contaminated by Trojan

Users are warned to be vigilant after trojanised versions of popular packet sniffing packages were posted on well known download sites.

When firewalls and intrusion detection just aren't enough

Firewalls alone are not enough to thwart today's more sophisticated range of attacks, while Intrusion Detection Systems detect and record attacks, but do not block them. AV products, properly updated, can help protect against malicious code but are necessarily limited in their scope.
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US gov's ‘ultimate database’ run by a felon

We all know that truth is stranger than fiction, and here we have an apparently real item straight from the realm of Tom Clancy. Imagine a huge, absolutely huge, central database containing both the official and commercial data of every single citizen, run by the US military ostensibly for anti-terror and Homeland Security purposes, and all of it under the direction of a convicted felon.
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Sun's missing Xeon-killer discovered

An exhaustive trek around the Mexican restaurants of Austin, TX and Sunnyvale, CA has revealed the whereabouts of Sun's missing microprocessor, the UltraSPARC IIIi. The year-late Xeon-killer may finally be about to emerge from the kitchen.