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Gates gives $100m to fight HIV, $421m to fight Linux

We do hate to rain on a high-profile corporate love-fest, but we have to point out that in addition to the much trumpeted $100 million Billg has donated to India's fight against HIV, he's funding the Microsoft jihad against Linux to the far more impressive tune of $421 million. That means that Linux is more than four times worse than AIDS to Billg and his happy Redmond family. God forbid any of them should learn the bitter truth the hard way and start talking sense.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Nov 2002

HP tops Q3 EMEA Intel server sales

ComputerWire, 13 Nov 2002

VeriSign tackles customer service problems

ComputerWire, 13 Nov 2002

IBM tweaks WebSphere pricing

ComputerWire, 13 Nov 2002

BIND vulnerable, upgrade now

ComputerWire, 13 Nov 2002

RIM axes staff, cuts spending

ComputerWire, 13 Nov 2002

HP claims first for automatic storage provisioning

ComputerWire, 13 Nov 2002

Infineon climbs into bed with Nanya

Infineon has signed a memory manufacturing and technology sharing deal with Nanya.
Drew Cullen, 13 Nov 2002

Cable & Wireless trims 3,500 jobs

Cable & Wireless is to slash around 3,500 jobs, as first-half losses ballooned to £4.5bn.
ElectricNews.net, 13 Nov 2002

Eidos settles Hitman Sikh dispute

Eidos has released an official statement about the controversy over Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, which came under fire from Sikh groups for allegedly depicting the religions adherents as members of an evil cult.
gamesindustry.biz, 13 Nov 2002

T-Online ups rev and profit

Europe's biggest ISP, T-Online, added 200,000 broadband customers during the summer, taking its ADSL subscriber base to 2.5 million.
Tim Richardson, 13 Nov 2002

MS teams with Samsung Semi to produce low cost PDA design

While Palmsource's Dave Nagel was denouncing Microsoft for attempting to commoditise the PDA market, Microsoft was, er, commoditising the PDA market some more. Following up on its production of reference designs for Microsoft-based mobile phones earlier this year Microsoft has teamed up with Samsung to produce a reference design for cheaper Pocket PC devices.
John Lettice, 13 Nov 2002

Opera 7 browser goes into beta

Beta 1 of the latest version of the Opera browser, Opera 7, was released late last night, and is now available for download in the Windows version from Opera.com. Version 7 is an extensive rewrite intended which includes a new rendering engine with support for Document Object Model (DOM) version 2, a new email client and Opera's forthcoming Small Screen Rendering (SSR) technology, which is intended to allow you to browse via a mobile phone, or similarly small-screened device.
John Lettice, 13 Nov 2002

Tiscali remains in the red

Sardinia-based ISP Tiscali remains in the red despite posting a modest improvement in figures.
Tim Richardson, 13 Nov 2002

Unholy trinity puts users in a BIND

Multiple vulnerabilities in older versions of BIND could lead to compromise and denial of service attacks against vulnerable Domain Name System servers, security tools vendor ISS warned last night.
John Leyden, 13 Nov 2002

Welsh Web designer charged with virus writing, child porn offences

A 21-old Welsh Web designer has appeared in court charged with creating and distributing three mass mailer viruses.
John Leyden, 13 Nov 2002

Remote Windows desktop access with the Sharp Zaurus PDA

theKompany and ThinSoft are working together to bundle tkcJabber and WinConnect Z, in a deal that will have them co-marketing the products on each other's site. WinConnect Z is especially interesting because it allows remote access to a Windows PC.
Tina Gasperson, 13 Nov 2002

UK tipped for bumper eChristmas

European online sales this Christmas are set to beat all records, according to Santa's little helpers at Forrester.
Tim Richardson, 13 Nov 2002

Brit charged with hacking Pentagon, NASA

An unemployed British sysadmin was yesterday indicted for what US authorities describe as the "biggest hack of military computers ever detected".
John Leyden, 13 Nov 2002

A Linux smartphone that does Bluetooth

With Qualcomm more preoccupied by pumping out press releases than modern phone chipsets, it isn't possible to buy a CDMA 1x phone that does Bluetooth here in the US, we noted here.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Nov 2002

ASA clobbers Vodafone for texting and driving

Vodafone's been clobbered - again - by the advertising watchdog following allegations that its saucy ads promote texting while driving.
Tim Richardson, 13 Nov 2002

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