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Billg tosses coins to India's poor, touts MS

In his twilight years John D Rockefeller liked to play the benevolent, eccentric old geezer, giving shiny new dimes to children whenever he had a chance to be photographed in their presence. Nowadays there aren't enough urchins and ragamuffins in North America for Billg to pull the same act, at least not in neighborhoods where he stands a reasonable chance of walking out alive, so he's gone off to India for a bit of philanthropic pandering to women and children, and selling of MS products to developers. The actual selling will be handled by legions of MS flacks, not Gates, to help establish the illusion that this trip is purely humanitarian in nature.
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Microsoft MCSEs are bogus boffins, say Canadian engineers

The professional engineers' association in Canada is dismayed that Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) are calling themselves "engineers". Microsoft agreed to discourage the use of the term among MCSEs last year, but changed its mind in the summer.

Apple adds drop-in journaling to OS X server

Apple has added journaling capabilities to its HFS+ Extended file system in a point.point update to the OS X Server software.
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Don Capellas leaves HP

In a story created, but rejected by our automatic news generator for being too absurd, Mike 'Don' Capellas is to leave Hewlett Packard and join WorldCom, the Wall Street Journal reports. HP today confirmed the Don's departure, although the President can still be see in a spooky lit-from-below horror snap here.
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Nationwide banks on biometrics

Nationwide, the UK's largest remaining building society, last week announced plans to roll out biometric signature capture and verification technology to all its branches in the UK. Work will begin on the installation during the first quarter of 2003.

Oracle claims ‘unprecedented’ interest in Collaboration Suite

Oracle Corp is claiming surprise at "unprecedented" levels of customer interest for its Collaboration Suite, saying the three-month-old product could outgrow its application server business, writes Gavin Clarke Preliminary interest in Collaboration Suite has surpassed that of the company's other software products, Oracle …

ICANN plays safe with new domain plans

The Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers is proposing that three new top-level domains be added to the internet, but plans currently under discussion call for a limited roll-out that would focus on niche markets. In a document published over the weekend, ICANN president Stuart Lynn asks for public input on …
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SMS a Sin, say Indian protestors

Indian cultural conservatives targeted wireless providers yesterday, claiming short message service technology was a major cause of divorce in the country. India's National Human Rights Council staged protest in the capital, New Delhi, according to news agency AFP, where they burned a cellular telephone. The group's leader …
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Intel sells Shiva VPN business

Intel Corp has sold its Network Systems virtual private networking business to Simple Access Inc, which has immediately renamed itself Shiva Corp, the name of the VPN security business that Intel acquired for $182m back in October 1998. Newton, Massachusetts-based Shiva began life as Simple Access in December 2001 and will …
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AltaVista returns from the Wilderness

AltaVista Co wants to get back to the good old days when it was the most respected web search engine on the internet, and this week outlined how it hopes to learn from the lessons taught by Google Inc, the usurper that came from nowhere to own the market Kevin Murphy writes.
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FT site defaced to promote Russian DJ

The FT Conferences Web site was defaced overnight by mischievous crackers promoting a Russian DJ.
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Freeserve's legal broadband challenge clears hurdle

The competition watchdog is to examine a complaint made by Freeserve concerning BT's marketing of residential broadband Internet access.
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El Reg voted Top 20 UK web site

The Mirror has teamed up with Practical Internet to compile a highly scientific list of the UK's top 100 Web sites, and who should turf up at no.17 - with a bullet - but theregister.co.uk. Which is nice.
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Why Palm will succeed, and Microsoft will fail – Palmsource CEO

Armed with an impressive pile of research data, Palmsource CEO Dave Nagel mounted something of a troop-rallying exercise in London yesterday, and quite convincing it was too. But then you'd expect no less from a sometime industry demigod. It is not the case that the Palm platform is dead, doomed, about to be eclipsed by Redmond, says Nagel, unleashing another battery of heavy-duty Gartner - au contraire, it's in fine fettle, and Microsoft is maiming itself by trying to apply the wrong industry model to the handheld device business.
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BT gets broadband supremo

Alison Ritchie, the chief exec of BTopenworld, is to become BT's broadband supremo responsible for driving BT Group's whole broadband strategy.
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US military zeros in on Brit cracker

US authorities are seeking the extradition of an unnamed UK cracker who broke into an estimated 100 unclassified US military systems over the past year, according to reports.
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UK Govt warns of e-scams

The mollycoddling UK Government has warned punters to be on their guard against e-mail, text and fax scams run by unscrupulous operators.
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Oracle in buffer overflow brown alert

Security researchers are warning of a potentially nasty buffer over-run flaw in Oracle Database 9i databases.
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Vodafone sales soar, losses fall

Vodafone interim sales jumped 67 per cent, thanks to a first-time contribution from its now wholly owned Japanese subsidiary. On an operating level, the world's biggest mobile network operator remains very profitable, generating £4.25bn in Earnings Before Bad Stuff, and cranking up free cashflow to £2.9bn in the six months to September 30.
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AMD ships mobile 2200+

AMD yesterday launched the mobile Athlon XP 2200+, and in a pleasant change from recent 'launches', actually has parts in stock to ship. Fujitsu Siemens, AMD's biggest customer in Europe, is fitting in the 2200+ into the AMILO A-x600 series and it has stock available now. Time Computers, a major UK system builder and probably AMD's second biggest customer in Europe, is prepping a notebook launch featuring the part and in Japan, Epson Direct is expected to launch a notebook too.
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3Com, Xircom make patent peace

Xircom has blinked first in the patent spat with 3Com, agreeing to pay $15m royalties and acknowledge 3com IP in its RealPort and RealPort 2 mobile connectitivity kits. It is also cross-licensing patents with 3Com, which is hailing this outbreak of 'patent peace'.
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Toshiba goes Dutch with i-mode phone

Toshiba has launched its first handset into Europe, but you have to be Dutch, or at least live in the Netherlands,oh, and be a KPN Mobile subscriber to get your mitts on one. KPN also has subs in Germany and Belgium so we can expect TS21i handsets to tip up in these countries too.
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Easyart.com to face Stelios in ‘easy’ court action

Easyart.com is to face easyGroup in the High Court next year to rebut allegations that it is profiting from the 'easy' name.