11th November 2002 Archive

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  • Unifying software release cycles and price at Sun

    TCO play

    Data Centre 11 07:46

  • IBM cranks up pSeries Power 4+chip speed

    Regatta-Mi goes toe-to-toe with Sun Fire V880

    Servers 11 07:47

  • UK wireless data numbers disappoint

    Page imps count, but for how much?

    Mobile 11 08:04

  • Gator bites back, sues suer

    Pop-up goes the weasel

    e-Business 11 08:05

  • IBM charts utility computing path

    Another meaning for COD

    Data Centre 11 08:10

  • IBM fixes ‘Toxic’ Thinkpad

    Honour restored. Owner loves IBM, Thinkpad

    Bootnotes 11 08:18

  • Gates flies into India ‘AIDS scaremongering’ row

    Health Minister lashes out...

    Software 11 09:01

  • Next XP rev Longhorn a 2003, client-only product?

    The Politburo hints...

    Software 11 09:29

  • Euro thought police criminalize impure speech on line

    Involuntary castration program expands

    Media 11 09:41

  • Panama bans voice over IP

    Stick IT (Internet telephony) up your junta!

    Media 11 18:40

  • Sun aims to oust MSOffice from UK schools

    Mounts StarOffice blitz

    Software 11 18:49

  • SGI bakes denser superbricks

    Made possible by MIPS

    Servers 11 23:36