8th November 2002 Archive

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  • Ant magic at IT-Minds.com

    30 per cent off 'The Ant Developers Handbook'

    Site News 08 13:00

  • Xbox pulls ahead of GameCube in UK

    PS2 still the Daddy

    Personal 08 14:25

  • The XXX Clause is Obscene

    This article may be freely reproduced

    Media 08 15:26

  • Of TCPA, Palladium and Wernher von Braun

    And whether you'll be able to trust your computer, RSN...

    Software 08 17:15

  • Kaspersky mailing list hijacked!

    Script kiddies inject Braid worm

    Security 08 22:13

  • “This MS Antitrust story was created by a computer program”

    Can you tell?

    Software 08 22:36