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Scary movie 2.0

George Smith, 05 Nov 2002

Bogdanov brothers deny bogosity

LettersIgor Bogdanov has written to us denying the papers published by him and his brother form part of an elaborate hoax. It's a long email citing already-published emails; and we only reproduce these in part.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Nov 2002

I had a ‘spreadsheet for the mind’, but forgot where I left it…

LettersMitch Kapor's resurrection of Lotus Agenda - for his new open source PIM Chandler - prompted some interesting links.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Nov 2002

Java pet store hit ‘planned by MS’ – memo

A drive-by shooting at a pet store last week was planned by Microsoft, reckons Java expert Richard Öberg.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Nov 2002

Symantec to extend security management portfolio

ComputerWire, 05 Nov 2002

AOL buddies up to enterprises with AIM release

ComputerWire, 05 Nov 2002

Court ‘not persuaded’ C&W infringes Akamai patents

ComputerWire, 05 Nov 2002

WorldCom black hole even more massive – court report

ComputerWire, 05 Nov 2002

Logica CMG to cut 1,400 jobs

The combined workforces of Logica and CMG face the prospect of more layoffs as the boards of the respective companies approved a merger and cost-cutting plan.
ElectricNews.net, 05 Nov 2002

Fujitsu admits 4.9 million (potentially) defective HDDs

The papers lodged with the court in California, in the $50 million action between Cirrus Logic and Fujitsu (of Japan), confirm what observers had already guessed, that – contrary to the blasé denials of any notable problems - there is indeed an officially acknowledged problem with the MPG3xxx series of drives. And Fujitsu knew the massive scale and scope of the problem at least 18 months ago.
Keith Warburton, 05 Nov 2002

Comedian lifts lid on working for Amazon.com

The TUC is giving away free tickets for people to see a comedy show about one man's experiences working for Amazon.com during the dotcom boom.
Tim Richardson, 05 Nov 2002

Mozilla riddled with security holes

Details of six flaws in Mozilla, the open source browser were posted on BugTraq at the weekend.
John Leyden, 05 Nov 2002

'You're still guilty,' judge in Sun et al antitrust case tells MS

US District Judge J Frederick Motz has rejected a Microsoft attempt to – effectively – have a string of prior convictions expunged from its record. Yesterday the Maryland judge denied a request by Microsoft attorneys to re-open 395 of Judge Penfield Jackson's 412 findings of fact, so for the moment at least Jackson's conclusions can be used in the case Motz is dealing with.
John Lettice, 05 Nov 2002

DiData issues $100m convertible bond

Dimension Data is to issue a £100m 7-year convertible bond to fellow South African company Venfin. If Venfin converts the bond into equity, it will end up with 12 per cent of the diluted capital of the networking equipment reseller. Venfin, a technology investment firm, will earn interest of 5.375 per cent.DiData says it has free cash after commitments of $200m. It is cashflow positive and it expects to remain cashflow positive in coming years. The bond issue is subject to shareholder approval. ®
Drew Cullen, 05 Nov 2002

Fayrewood upbeat on trading

Fayrewood plc, the networking/storage distie group, today announced trading in the first five months of this fiscal year has produced a "substantial increase in profitability" over the same period last year. Turnover was approx. £180m (2001 £136m). Also its German subsidiary, ComputerLinks posted better sales and Earnings Before Bad Stuff for the three months ended September 30, 2002. Revenues were up 5 per cent to €41.2m (2001 €39m)and EBITDA was up 13 per cent to €2.6m,(2001 €2.3m). Gross margins held steady at 21 per cent. The company has now moved into net cash balances. ®
Drew Cullen, 05 Nov 2002

Braid fails to unpick the Web

An email worm, believed to have originated in Korea, is winding its way across the Net this morning.
John Leyden, 05 Nov 2002

Chinese province issues swipe IDs to Internet cafe users

People in the central Chinese province of Jiangxi who use cybercafes are having their online activities monitored by police.
Tim Richardson, 05 Nov 2002

Nokia goes head-to-head with Nintendo

The Game Boy Advance is set to get serious competition at last, with Nokia taking the wraps off a new device called the N-Gage - a handheld console styled mobile phone which is designed specifically to act as a challenge to Nintendo's dominance of the market.
gamesindustry.biz, 05 Nov 2002
SGI logo hardware close-up

Clic Linux for clustered environments

A group of French developers working under the Open Source GPL have released a Linux Operating System, called Clic, which has been specifically developed for clustered environments. The product is aimed at harnessing the power of multiple low-cost PCs and turning them into high-end computing power. And you can try it for free thanks to the open source initiative.
IT-Analysis, 05 Nov 2002

Personal Computer Science boss arrested in Oz

Charles Forsyth, the controversial founder of a string of failed UK computer companies, has been arrested in Western Australia, over the alleged fraud of £1m in the UK.
Drew Cullen, 05 Nov 2002

£40m software piracy ring smashed in Italy

Police have smashed a counterfeit software ring in Italy worth almost £40m in what is described as one of the largest and most organised cases of software piracy in Europe.
Tim Richardson, 05 Nov 2002

Councils fall behind in race to deliver eGovt

Britain's local authorities are slipping behind in making the government's 2005 deadline to put services online, with only 28 per cent of local authority services available on the Net.
John Leyden, 05 Nov 2002

IBM voids customer warranty on ‘toxic’ Thinkpad

Our thanks to reader Scott Wilcox for alerting us to the following sorry tale, posted on October 30 by a certain Steve Andre on the ThinkPad Mailing-list Archive.
Drew Cullen, 05 Nov 2002

Sonera security staff held on snooping charges

Two senior security staff at Finnish telco Sonera have been remanded in custody, charged with breaching customer privacy by allegedly riffling through private telephone records in an attempt to identify an internal mole.
John Leyden, 05 Nov 2002

SAN security under the spotlight

Having got standards programmes underway for SAN interoperability and management, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is turning its attention to the next key part of the puzzle: storage security.
Bryan Betts, 05 Nov 2002

Handspring settles Lawsuits in Motion suit

Andrew Orlowski, 05 Nov 2002

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