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Thus inches towards the black

Thus only needs £60m or so to take it through to profitability by March 2004 ( a year earlier than previously planned), or in its words "free cash flow breakeven on a sustainable basis".
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Hutchison 3G in launch date slippage

Hutchison Wampoa won't set launch dates for 3G services in Europe, in order to avoid any embarrassment.
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BT in free broadband promo

BT is offering free use of its high street broadband Internet kiosks as part of a promo to plug the service.
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MS job ad seeks evangelist to ‘demolish competition’

Now that pesky antitrust action is out of the way, it's back to business as usual at Microsoft. The kind and gentle convicted monopolist is now seeking a Developer Evangelist who can: “Demolish competition by knowing everything they do and thwarting their every move in the relevant spaces.”
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BT to undershoot sales targets

BT Group Plc is this week expected to add to the woes of the IT sector with second-quarter figures that show it is way short of the 6% to 8% growth targets set by new CEO Ben Verwaayen. The London, UK-based company has pioneered the recovery route for European incumbents by abandoning overseas expansion, ditching its …

IBM goes cheap(er) with pSeries Express Configuration

IBM Corp wants to move existing midrange pSeries iron based on its S-Star PowerPC processors even as it is getting ready to revamp its Unix midrange with the Power4-based pSeries 655 and pSeries 655 within the next few weeks, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. To that end, IBM has announced so-called Express Configurations, …
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Micron calls for US penalty tariffs on Korean DRAM makers

Micron Technology Inc on Friday charged that Korean memory manufacturers have received unfair levels of support from their government and asked US authorities to impose tariffs on memory imports from the country. The Boise, Idaho-based vendor has filed a "countervailing duty case" with the US Department of Commerce and the …
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Wireless drives chip growth

Despite the gloom over vast swathes of the tech industry, the chip sector was given something to smile about on Friday when the Semiconductor Industry Association released its third quarter figures. Total sales in September were $12.29bn, up 3% on the previous month and 20.6% on the year. On a three month moving average …
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Moodys cuts Nortel and Lucent ratings (again)

Credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service delivered a bleak verdict on the telecom equipment sector's prospects on Friday, when it downgraded Nortel Networks Corp and Lucent Technologies Inc from junk to even junkier.

EMC loses storage crown to Hitachi – briefly

For a few hours, Hitachi Data Systems last week took the number one slot in the high-end storage array market from EMC Corp, according to estimates issued last week by investment bank AG Edwards. The bank revised its market share estimate only hours after they were first issued, after EMC disputed its analysis and …
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UK ‘sleepwalking towards broadband monopoly’

The UK is "sleepwalking towards a broadband monopoly" unless BT is stripped of its dominance over the UK's telecoms network.
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AMD strongarms into low-power handhelds

Updated Intel isn't alone in integrated wireless technologies into mobile chipsets with its forthcoming Banias processor. AMD says the first fruits of its Alchemy acquisition are now sampling, tieing 802.11 wireless to a low-power, MIPS core. Alchemy was founded by Rich Witek, the brains behind the StrongARMs and one of the designers of DEC's Alpha processor.
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DC court blooper 2 – MS verdict emailed two hours early

The early escape of the Microsoft verdict was more widespread and serious than first appeared. Initially it seemed that the court's techies had just made the documents available on the site, without flagging them, one hour and 40 minutes before they should have been available; however, it is now clear that it began sending out the decision via email well in advance of the official 4.30pm release.
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SOAP 1.2 stumbles on IP blocks

With the ratifications of the proposed SOAP 1.2 standard within spitting distance, a number of intellectual property issues are proving stubbornly hard to shift. To date, standards body the W3C has cleared hundreds of hurdles in defining SOAP 1.2 but it has failed so far to overcome 11 IP issues.
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Email deletion bug bites Norton Internet Security

A serious bug within Norton Internet Security 2003 is responsible for the unexplained deletion of emails for some users.
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UK Govt slammed for duff Web sites

The UK Government's Web sites are a shambles and in urgent need of an overhaul, according to an independent report published today.
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How did Microsoft end up policing Microsoft?

Analysis I've been reading Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly's decision to affirm the DoJ-Microsoft Seattlement in great detail this weekend, with one thing in particular growing from a small seed of a doubt, but gradually fomenting into a terrible and inescapable conclusion.
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German secret service taps phones, bills buggees

A software error is being blamed for an incident in which mobile phone users discovered they were being bugged by German secret squirrels.

IBM intros Gallatin servers

IBM today revamped its line of Intel servers with four and eight-way eServer systems based on "second generation" 2.0GHz Intel Xeon MP, or Gallatin, processors.
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Mississippi tops software piracy roll of shame

Mississippi flouts software licensing regulations more than any other state in the Union.
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Nintendo confirms long-term console plans

Nintendo has no plans to hang up its joypad. That’s the news from Peter MacDougall, Nintendo of America's VP of sales and marketing, who has told critics that Nintendo will remain a platform holder in both the handheld and living room arenas for the foreseeable future, with work on successors to both GBA and GameCube already underway.
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Axe man hacks man over hacking fears

A family friend who linked the PCs of two brothers together was attacked with an axe after one suspected he'd hacked into his machine, a Scottish court heard today.
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BT develops talking SMS for the blind

BT wants someone with pots of cash to help it develop a talking SMS system for people with sight difficulties.
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In victory, Microsoft morphs into IBM, and loses it

Commentary Throughout the antitrust trial Microsoft executives have seen it as vitally important that they avoid the legal threat turning Microsoft into IBM. Big Blue itself faced a major antitrust action in the 80s, and although it eventually emerged relatively intact (apparently), it did so with a large gaggle of lawyers attached to it for ever more, and with a deep paranoia/paralysis engendered by fear of antitrust.
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Nokia fusing radios, cameras and games consoles

Nokia unveiled six new handsets at its annual mobile internet conference today, but the much anticipated Communicator refresh didn't take place.