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Nokia to revive snoozing communicator

Nokia will attempt to revive its own 9000 series communicator with a new model on Monday, according to reports. The clamshell"9230" will be a triband, GPRS model capable of MMS picture messaging, reckons Swedish phone mag Mobil.
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HP, Dell, provide over half Taipei's IT component income

Dell Computer Corp and Hewlett Packard Ltd are expected to spend a combined $22bn on Taiwanese computer parts and components this year, the country's Ministry of Economic Affairs has said. The figures illustrate the influence the two PC giants have in the country's IT sector. All other foreign buyers combined are expected …
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Vivendi tools up to battle Vodafone for Cegetel

French media giant Vivendi Universal SA has dramatically raised the stakes in the ongoing tug of war over French telecoms company Cegetel SA, with a gamble to try to squeeze yet more money out of Vodafone Group Plc, writes Tom Jowitt. At the same time it has arguably added some credibility to its own efforts to secure …
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HP ships wrong PDA figures, revival now notarevival

Hopes that the PDA market is stabilizing were dashed yesterday when Gartner Dataquest revised its third quarter figures for the market after it emerged Hewlett Packard Co had supplied erroneous shipment numbers to the research firm. Palo Alto, California-based HP this week discovered a discrepancy in the data it originally …

IBM readies Itanium 2 xSeries, dubs Linux the Unix for Intel

IBM Corp is lining up the launch of its first xSeries server based on Intel Corp's 64-bit Itanium 2 processor for the first quarter of 2003, and has confirmed that it has dropped plans to bring its AIX Unix operating system to the Itanium processor platform. IBM's vice president of xSeries high-performance servers, Deepak …
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Judge CKK to issue MS antitrust ruling today

Another year, another ruling. This year's Microsoft antitrust judge, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, is to "issue opinions in the Microsoft cases" around 4.30pm EDT today, after the markets have closed in the US. PDFs of her opinions will be posted at that time, and they'll also be sent out to "interested parties."
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RIP ET Global Solutions

So, bargain basement broadband ISP, ET Global Solutions, has gone titsup.com.
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AOL UK gets new CFO

AOL UK has appointed former a BBC man, David Wolffe, as Chief Financial Officer.
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Wi-Fi Alliance tries again on wireless security

The Wi-Fi Alliance aims to make it easier to build robust security into wireless LANS with the announcement yesterday of a successor to the flawed WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) protocol.
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Of vehicle mobile phone bans, and automotive Bluetooth

Letters Letters Earlier this week we covered proposed UK legislation on use of mobile phones in cars, noting that the consultation document didn't seem particularly Bluetooth aware, and appeared to some extent to be banning quite a bit of the functionality of Bluetooth.
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BT in pre-pay phone scheme to curb debt

BT is to introduce a pre-pay system for its fixed-line phone customers in a bid to reduce consumer debt at the telco.
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Four more exchanges to get ADSL

A further four exchanges are to be converted to ADSL, BT Wholesale has confirmed.
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Maglites available now at Cash'n'Carrion

Our Cash'n'Carrion Reg shop is pleased to announce the expansion of its popular Gadgets section, which will now encompass the king of all torches - the magnificent Maglite.

Cisco touts fibre-based Ethernet at 20xDSL speeds

Cisco used this week's Broadband DSL Forum in Berlin to promote fibre-based Ethernet access as an alternative, far faster broadband technology for homes and businesses.
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Physics hoaxers discover Quantum Bogosity

The physics establishment appears to be unable to decide whether papers submitted by two former French TV presenters are a scientific breakthrough or an elaborate hoax. The debunking to date has been done on Usenet groups and informally, over the Internet.
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Judge backs MS-DoJ deal, Microsoft now in the clear?

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has given her backing to the Microsoft-DoJ proposed settlement of the antitrust case, and has rejected the dissenting states' arguments for stiffer measures against the company. Her final judgment, published here today, (but you're likely to have to wait a while before you can get through to it) to all intents and purposes repeats the terms of the deal widely derided as the 'Seattlement.'